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At Addfield we have a range of solutions available to suit all of your incineration and cremation needs.

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Delivery & Installation

Our incinerators are proudly supplied and installed in more than 95 countries across the globe. As such we are often asked to provide additional information on the process of importing, exporting and commissioning of our machines.

  • How will my machine be delivered?

    When placing your order we will discuss with you the most suitable method of delivery for you and your machine.  This most commonly means by Road, Sea or Air.  This is dependent upon the part/machine size and location it is being delivered to aw well as current Incoterms.

    For more information on our Incoterms you can read our article by clicking here.

  • Do we keep the container, if it is delivered in one?

    When you receive your machine in a container it is important to be aware of the following:

    The container will always be unless previously agreed be a ‘Return’ container and not a ‘Last Trip’.  The key difference between the two is that the Container will be expected to be returned to the shipping company and not your to keep.

    If you are purchasing a containerised machine, this will be included in your quoted costs and will be yours to keep.

    Once the delivery is completed you will either be expected to unload the container straight away or upon prior agreement you may have up to 8 days to do so before the container will be collected to return to the shipping company.

  • How will the container be loaded?

    We load our container in a practiced and established method.  Positioning the spares, parts, chimneys and smaller pallets to the rear of the container and the Incinerator/Cremator will be loaded into the container last nearest to the doors. This has been proven to aid loading and unloading by Fork Lift Truck.

  • Is the container front, side of top loading?

    The majority of our deliveries will be completed with a front loading container.  If you are managing the collection yourself we would advise speaking to your sales advisor and checking your datasheet to confirm the length of container required as well as to ensure you have a suitable Fork Lift truck on site. If you believe you require a top loading or side loading container please speak to your sales representative directly.

  • How many items will be in the delivery?

    It depends upon the type of machine that you have purchased from us and any additional parts and spares that are part of your order.

    For most deliveries, you will generally find that the incinerator will be loaded as one unit, with the chimney/s secured to individual pallets alongside any spares and additional equipment purchased.  You will be notified of the number of pallets to unload as part of the shipping notification.

  • How much space do I need for installation

    The space and layout for your machine depend very much on the model of the machine and your planned usage.  Each machine has been specifically designed for optimal operation for the specific waste type and the required space is adjusted accordingly. To ensure you have suitable space we would recommend that you refer to the datasheet, pre-site checklist and your sales representative.

    We will be able to give you full guidance on the recommended space that you will require and where space is a major issue work with you to provide the best option for you.

  • Do I need to cover the incinerator/cremator

    We design and build our machines to be reliably used in all environments.  However to ensure a long term operation we would require all of our machines are installed under a form of shelter or indoors.

    Many of our machines have burners on top of the incinerator and having cover provides additional protection for your machine.


  • Where should the fuel tank be installed?

    The fuel tank can be installed within close proximity towards the back of the machine.

    When located less than 10 metres away it can be placed on a plinth or directly onto firm flat ground.

    If located more than 10 metres away it should be installed on a plinth.

    If located more than 15 metres away you may require an additional pump.


  • Does the fuel tank need an additional pump?

    Each burner has its own pump which will manage the fuel distribution for most installations.  When the fuel tank is located 15 metres or more away or at a lower level than the incinerator you may require an additional pump.

  • How will my machine be commissioned?

    Once we have received a completed pre-site checklist and are satisfied that the installation will be able to be completed successfully we will arrange a delivery date.  At this time we will also arrange a commissioning date to send an engineer to your site.  This will generally be within four weeks of delivery depending upon location and the availability of our engineers.

  • How long will it take to commission my machine?

    The length of time it will take to install and commission your machine will vary from machine and location. As a rule we generally expect an average of two days to commission for our standard machines.  We do expect that you will have the site ready for installation before our engineer travels to your site.

  • Will we need a translator on site?

    We are fortunate to have access to a reliable number of international engineers to complete our installations.  In many instances, we are able to provide you with an engineer that is multilingual. In instances where this is not possible, we will discuss with you individually to assess your requirements and whether we need a translator to be on site.

  • What languages are your manuals in?

    All of our manuals are written in English.  We do have a number of manuals that have been translated into other languages including French, German and Polish. If you require a manual provided in an alternate language please discuss this need with your sales representative.

  • What facilities are needed for training?

    We are able to provide training on most machines from our manufacturing facility based in Staffordshire UK.  We are able to provide training for you onsite as well. This will generally take place immediately following commissioning. For us to be able to deliver quality training we would request that you ensure that good lighting is available all around the machine to ensure clear guidance.  If English is not spoken please confirm with us what language you will require and we can discuss arranging a translator. We will require a set of hand tools, fuel and power to enable our engineers to present the full range of operational and maintenance training.