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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

At Addfield we have a range of solutions available to suit all of your incineration and cremation needs.

To help you discover the answers to your most frequently asked questions please choose from one of the categories below.


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  • Why do I need my incinerator serviced?

    Like your car, you need to have your machine serviced regularly to ensure it meets all current regulations and directives.  At Addfield we employ fully skilled engineers that can support you with your service whilst carrying out preventative maintenance checks.

    Servicing your machine will ensure that it maintains its fuel efficiency and continues to deliver the high standard of results that you have come to expect from your machine.

    Once completed all serviced machines will gain an annual service certificate to satisfy audit controllers and environmental health.


  • What is included in an incinerator service?

    An incinerator service ensures that your machine is in full working order checking all elements of your machine including burners, fans, electrics, doors, refractory and overall condition.

    The service includes:

    • Full visual check-up
    • Operational check-up and tune-up
    • Consumable check and replacement where required.
    • Burner Service and Test
    • Burner settings and pressure check
    • Replacement and installation of – Blast Tubes, Diffusers
    • Control Panel test – Optimal setting check
    • Visual Inputs check
    • Electrode visual inspection and clean.
    • Emissions check to ensure machine is operating to DEFRA standards
    • Temperature check Main chamber
    • Temperature Check Secondary Chamber – Check it reaches optimal temperature before firing.
    • Test firing of burners and incineration process.
  • Will you repair any faults as part of the service?

    Engineers carry the majority of spares with them and can complete most repairs during the visit for a small fee. You will only be required to pay for any replacement parts that are not included in the service as part of this process saving you additional call out fees. Any additional charges will be agreed with you before the work is carried out.

  • What is a Repair & Service call?

    Although our machinery is built very solidly to last for many years of continuous use there are elements which will need replacing over time from regular use.  These are generally replaced as part of the standard service and include items such as ‘Blast Tubes’ and ‘Diffusers’.  If you have a repair needed near the time of your planned service you can bring this forward and in many instances the repair and replacement parts are covered in your general annual check.

    In other circumstances arranging a repair/service on the same day is cost effective as it removes additional call out charges.  If you have a fault with your machine ask us if this can be covered in a standard repair/service callout for optimum benefits.

  • I don’t have an Addfield machine can you still service/repair my incinerator

    Addfield are proud to employ a comprehensive skill base of time served tradesman that can offer onsite services, repairs and maintenance to all incinerators and cremators.  For more information on whether we are able to service your machine please call us on +44 (0) 1543 571280.

  • Addfield are a British company, how can you support me when I am in a different country?

    Addfield offer onsite support around the world. Our support network is growing year on year with competent partners joining the international team offering on site support in many international countries.

    Technology has allowed us to support you on varied platforms including You Tube, Skype, WhatsApp, Social Media and phone. For more information email

  • Are Addfield biosecure aware?

    Our fleet of engineers are trained to ensure that they are fully bio-security aware. By washing down vehicle wheels to disposing of PPE inside the incinerator.  All of our engineers movements are recorded to ensure that all of our engineers are Pig and Poultry free for 48 hours.

  • Why buy an Addfield machine ?

    Addfield have been building cremation machines for over 35 years as a market leader we are dedicated to building the best quality machines available from laying the refractory bricks and creating a 180mm internal thick refractory wall that ensure the heat stays where it is needed in the chamber to ensuring that our machines are fit to work in all environments indoors and out.

    All our machines are built with ease of use in mind and on average Addfield machines are 40% more efficient.