Medical incinerator in a line

Medical waste categorisation

Human Anatomical Waste (Human tissues, organs, body parts).

  • Category: 1.
  • Storage Method: Plastic yellow bag.
  • Treatment Method/Disposal Type: Incineration utilising Addfield MP Series.

Animal Waste (Animal tissues, organs, body parts, carcasses, fluid, blood).

Microbiology & Biotechnology Waste (Laboratory cultures, stocks, specimens, cell culture, devices used for transfer)

  • Category: 3.
  • Storage Method: Disinfected container/Plastic red bag.
  • Treatment Method/Disposal Type: Addfield GM or MP series.

Waste Sharps (Needles, syringes, scalpels blades, glass).

Discarded Medicine and Cytotoxic Drugs (Outdated, contaminated or discarded medicines).

  • Category: 5.
  • Storage: Plastic yellow bag.
  • Treatment Method/Disposal Type: Addfield GM series.

Solid Waste (Contaminated with blood or fluids – dressing, cotton, plaster casts, bedding).

  • Category: 6.
  • Storage: Disinfected container/Plastic yellow bag.
  • Treatment Method/Disposal Type: Addfield GM series.

Infectious Solid Waste (Hand gloves, tubing, catheters, glass).

  • Category: 7.
  • Storage: Plastic red bag.
  • Treatment Method/Disposal Type: Chemical Treatment, Autoclaving, or Microwaving. Mutilation or shredding. Recycling.

Liquid Waste (Laboratory washing, cleaning, disinfecting).

  • Category: 8.
  • Treatment Method/Disposal Type: Chemical Treatment. Discharge into drain.

Incineration Ash.

  • Category: 9.
  • Treatment Method/Disposal Type: Municipal landfill.

Chemical Waste.

  • Category: 10.
  • Storage: Puncture proof blue container.
  • Treatment Method/Disposal Type: Chemical disinfection. Discharge into drain. Solid disposal in secured landfill.
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