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Combustion Basics Incineration Basics

Combustion Basics

To achieve combustion you need the three factors commonly known as the combustion triangle


Heat = the spark/ burner
Oxygen = Excess air / fans
Fuel = Gas / LPG / Diesel

The fuel will react with the oxygen to generate heat; these are the basic principles during the incineration process. To ensure complete combustion where all the energy is extracted from the fuel and no hydrogen or carbon compounds remain Addfield have utilised over 25 years of experience into research and development and on the field experience to manufacture the most robust, reliable and thermally efficient incinerators on the market.

To ensure a clean combustion process to the whole waste stream we used systems including computational Fluid Dynamic’s , this enables us to ensure that we are designing out cold spots select the right materials, retention times achieving a uniformed combustion process.


Addfield Engineering of Incinerators

Whilst being the experts in thermal treatment we need to know how certain materials combust, all waste streams are different with varied calorific values (CV) simply meaning heating values, how fast will something burn? When understanding the waste stream we can inject the right amount of air and fuel to the process to allow the right environment for complete combustion at the desired burn rates.

Stoichiometric Combustion

Stoichometric is a theoretical condition ensuring the perfect air to fuel ratio, by monitoring these conditions we can make our incineration systems more efficient by extracting all the energy from the fuel/waste.

Even though the stoichiometric point is unattainable due to factors including heat loss we can utilise the experience obtained to design a machine with the most optimum combustion environment. To help combat heat loss Addfield invest into our refractory linings on our incineration systems utilising an array of refractory materials resulting in 40% savings on fuel when compared to other manufacturers designs, ensuring our machines are the most efficient and reliable on the market (examples below).

Addfield 180mm or lining (shown left) Other manufacturers 75/100mm (shown right)



Our commitment to you is to ensure that we offer the right machine for the right waste stream, understanding your requirements will ensure we can offer the right solution to your problem.

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