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As we move into 2021, the coronavirus continues to affect all lives across the globe. Continuing to spread at an alarming rate, infecting more people now than we saw at the start of the crisis. This year, we hope to hit the ground running as we look ahead to the rapidly developing medical advances in vaccinations being made to help contain and fight the spread.

As millions of vaccines have already been administered across the UK, Europe, America, Russia and more putting additional strains on the medical infrastructures. In the coming weeks, millions of coronavirus vaccines are due to be delivered to developing countries which in many instances sadly do not have such a robust and reliable method of used vaccine disposal.

For years, Addfield has worked with international health organizations to bring biosecure incineration methods of medical waste and vaccine disposal. As millions of vaccines create used needles, syringes and vials, this waste cannot be left unattended. Unsuitable for landfill the only safe method of disposal of these levels of waste is incineration, burning away chemicals and toxins, whilst safely sterilising the glass and metal remains ready for recycling.

The safe solution for Vaccine Disposal worldwide

We have already shipped dozens of medical incinerators worldwide to aid clinics and field hospitals in fighting the outbreaks. For years we have been supplying international aid agencies with a reliable source of vaccine disposal  and as such have become recognised for our track record supporting immunisation outbreaks of HIV, TB, Measles and Ebola. We are currently putting a growing number of machines into production to continue this great work across many more countries throughout 2021 and beyond.

As there is still no reliable end in site for Covid19. One thing we are certain of is having a tried and tested, safe solution to disposing medical waste that doesn’t negatively affect the environment is essential. We can only do our best to take the necessary measures required to minimise the environmental impact. Knowing the right tools for ensuring that the virus is destroyed is the first step. To find out more, click here to review our range of medical incinerators or contact our sales team

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