Geconor are building a business treating medical waste in Chile

We interviewed general manager Jorge Rivera to find out more.


Tackling medical waste in chile.

Having customers in more than 95 countries it can be challenging to ensure that we can provide a full service to our customers. This is where our expert team of distributors, partners and international engineers step in. Trained by our engineers in the complete installation, commissioning and maintenance of our machines to enable us to confidently support you no matter where you are. Having an on site training facility is great however sometimes we need to go our and deliver training directly. This was the case this September when one of our engineers headed out on a 30-hour journey to warmer climates, installing another of our machines in Latin America. To be precise in Iquique in Chile.

The GM350 Medical Waste incinerator has been installed in a new waste treatment plant that will be managing the medical waste for Hospitals and Clinics in the region. The first of many installations planned by our customer Geconor to help manage the clinical waste in the region.

Following the installation and training we were able to ask General Manager Jorge Rivera Stuardo a few questions about his plans.

What do you see as the future for waste incineration in South America?

“For us our immediate goal is to become one of the main providers of hazardous waste disposal in the North. We chose to work with Addfield as they are such an established company that has specific solutions not only for medical waste but also for pet cremation and general municipal waste, all of which are areas we are planning to expand into.

We have big plans to continue to grow, expanding into the Central and Southern regions as well, through installing more incineration plants. We are also planning on developing our waste to energy capabilities with Addfield as we know that there machines are already able to use the heat to generate clean energy, which we call circular energy. We like the way that Addfield are simply built better and this makes a great strategic alliance for us at Geconor as the right way to eliminate waste while helping our environment.”

What helped you decide to start Geconor?

“To begin with the company was involved in just transporting hazardous waste. Then we realised that there was a different way to deal with what we were handling. After this we decided to really research the idea and developed it to where we are now creating a company that also receives and treats waste. We met with investors and began our long journey to form what is now called Ecological Waste Management North “Geconor” where we are aiming to give a real, concrete solution to the problem that is so widespread here in the northern parts of our country.”

Why did they choose to work with Addfield?

“We wanted to work with a company that we could trust and as Addfield comply with all of the rules of the EU we believe that this surpasses our national legislation and that gives us the security that they would deliver machines that would be able to operate reliably under the legal framework governing this activity. After much research and many discussions we decided that we had found the right supplier and wanted to become representatives of Addfield here in Chile, they are a prestigious company and there slogan says it all, ‘Simply Built Better’.” Jorge Rivera Stuardo, General Manager, Geconor.

We are proud to have Geconor as our latest distributor representing our Medical Incineration and Pet Cremation ranges throughout Chile.

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