Discover why the MP range of Medical and Clinical incinerators

are becoming one of the worlds most popular waste management solutions.


The future of Medical Waste treatment.

At Addfield we are proud of the fact that we produce some of the world’s most advanced solutions to Medical Waste Treatment.  Our MP range is currently changing the way that medical and clinical waste is being disposed of in many developing countries.  This range is trusted by world aid agencies and governments globally and here is a breakdown of why it is so popular.

The Addfield MP500 Medical waste incinerator equipped with a Venturi Flue Gas scrubber, automated Bin tipper and waste charging system, is the complete medical waste disposal solution. Part of the Medical range of incinerators designed to safely destroy all harmful medical waste leaving minimal sterile ash.

The optional bin tipper is compatible with most 80 and 120 litre bins. Allowing the decanting of waste directly into the ram charger without requiring any human contact, reducing risks of contamination and injury from sharps and other potential hazards. The bin tipper can be used to load the ram charger throughout the incineration cycle, allowing waste to be loaded as it arrives. Once loaded it has an automatic safety system preventing excess loading, ensuring thorough destruction of waste.

Once loaded the lid is closed with our ergonomically designed handles optimised to reduce physical stress from operation as well as to extend the working life of the machine. Connected directly into the incinerator, the charger benefits from a large reception hopper able to house a full load of medical waste.  Once at temperature a single press is all that is required to charge waste into position. The pusher plate moves the waste into the Primary chamber before retracting to allow the door to close and the combustion to begin.

The entire system is centrally controlled via a touch screen interface and control panel, providing access to all essential information throughout the combustion process including:

  • Burn Settings
  • Burn Time
  • Temperature settings
  • Navigation
  • Chamber temperature
  • Time remaining
  • and more.

The control panel is intuitive to operate with fully automatic programmed settings.  The panel also controls the ram loader and incinerator doors.

Once the program has begun it will operate in stages, starting with the preheat cycle which heats the secondary chamber up to operational temperature of 1100° centigrade.  Once this has been achieved the primary chamber is ready to be loaded and the full burn cycle can begin.

The incinerator benefits from utilising a hot hearth principle of combustion, the floor of the primary chamber is heated from underneath.  This combustion approach effectively eliminates any cold spots below your waste. By recycling heat from the primary chamber and forcing the heat under the floor, this system also helps to reduce your fuel consumption as well as burn time.

An advanced multi layered interlocking brickwork refractory delivers unrivalled efficiency keeping heat inside the chamber drastically reducing the cost of operation by up to 40%. The secondary chamber maintains its temperature consistently through Hysteresis. This ensures that at no point during operation will the chamber temperature be lower than legislative requirements.

While wearing appropriate protective equipment, deashing can be achieved through the side door. We recommend at least every two hours to ensure effective destruction. You are also able to agitate bulky waste with the deashing rake for smoother burning.  The Deashing door comes with a viewing window to allow you to see what stage the incineration is at without requiring you to open the door. On average you can expect to be left with 3-5% of ash from medical waste.

The Venturi flue gas scrubber cleans the air throughout the incineration process. Comprising of several engineered sections forming a highly efficient system for neutralising and filtering exhaust gases.  Ducted from the secondary chamber and directed via the hot gas duct straight into the Venturi reactor unit. These gasses are then forced to move at an extremely high velocity which shears the cleaning solution from the walls producing an enormous number of micro droplets. Particle and Gas removal then occurs in the Converging section as the gas mixes with the droplets before exiting through the diverging section where it begins to slow.

The collected particulates and gaseous pollutants are then collected at the base of the Venturi in the settling tank. During the process neutralising sorbent agents are introduced into the gasses to remove acidity. We recommend a solution of 70% Water to 30% Sodium, which is also available as a pellet format that can be managed, manually as a solid or automatically through the supplied liquid dosing tank which is attached to the Venturi tank.

A mesh trap filtration system is in place in the main Venturi water tank, to recover any waste and dust from the water. We recommend a visual inspection of the trap to take place daily and twice a day under times of heavy usage. The PH levels need to be as close to pH neutral as possible and checked daily.

The system is available as an oil, LPG or natural gas, powered machine. Where fuel stability is a problem we offer a dual fuel option as well.

Designed to be easily transported and installed the entire system can be delivered in one 40 ft container. With all parts benefiting from lifting points to protect the cladding and outer shell of the machine. With an outer shell manufactured from robust 10mm British Steel producing a reliable machine that will be able to stand the test of time in any environment.

The entire system has been produced with safety at the forefront.  With various safety interlocks in place to protect the operator, the machine and the environment.

This includes:

  • Limit switches on all doors which turn off all burners whenever opened.
  • Aluminium over-cladding to insulate hot surfaces on the Venturi.
  • A series of energised Blimo motors set in the closed position unless there is a power cut at which point it will spring open preventing the system from overheating.

Addfield are the number one choice for medical incineration equipment delivering high quality machinery for more than 35 years across more than 95 countries.

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