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Incineration is key in Sustainable Farming Initiative.


Incineration is key in Sustainable Farming Initiative.

In the UK, the farming industry represents an immense part of the economy. As much as 72% of the area is classed as and operated for agricultural purposes. At Addfield we know how essential it is to keep farming in our culture and this February, Boris Johnson and other leading Politicians from all sides rallied behind the future of Farming in a post-Brexit world.

The initiative is aimed at celebrating the dedication that UK farmers have shown in 2020, keeping the UK and the world fed during the pandemic before focussing on the strong future with the recovering export market. Beef is back on the table in the USA, pork will bounce back in China and the continuing growth of the Cheese market across the Gulf are but three opportunities arising for the UK produce industry. Although Brexit has brought some challenges, these will be reflected in our opportunities.

As control has returned to the hands of the Government in late 2020, the government announced its Sustainable Farming Initiative. Establishing a roadmap towards a better and fairer farming system. Providing additional help for farmers to adapt for the future. The ultimate reward here is making steps to improve the environment for generations to come.

What is the Sustainable Farming Initiative?

The Sustainable Farming Initiative is a 7-year program designed to help UK farmers to increase their efficiency, sustainability, profitability, quality and environmental sustainability. Targeted with continuing the great developments across the sector which has seen our self-sustainability leap since 2014.

The initiative has many goals that we support especially with regards to protecting the environment and improving biosecurity. Two things that have been at the heart of our operation since 1982 when we originally began working with UK farmers.

Two of the key goals so far directly reinforce the benefits of having an Addfield incinerator on-site and that is the beneficial environmental impact. Our machines are famously recognised for their clean smoke and odour free operation utilising the powerful secondary chamber to only release cleaned and safe gasses back into the environment. Alongside that is Biosecurity, as the aim is to control and eradicate many of the endemic diseases that can devastate Cattle, Pigs, Sheep and Poultry. Which having an onsite incinerator drastically reduces the risk of introducing these diseases onsite alongside providing a faster more secure method of fallen stock disposal.

There are going to be many financial benefits and incentives to farmers that are achieving these goals alongside funding to help reach these targets as more information is being published throughout the year.

At Addfield, we pride ourselves on not only bringing sustainable methods for waste disposal. We also encourage changing perspectives of those who see incineration as having a negative impact on the environment.

The Sustainable Farming Initiative is a fantastic opportunity and really supports our goal to have an Addfield machine on every farm across the UK. Enabling every farmer to manage their waste efficiently while adhering to government guidelines for a cleaner environment. If you want to know more about the opportunities that Addfield give you for working with the Sustainable Farming Initiative, contact our experts at sales@addfield.com.

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