A Look Inside a Professional Pet Crematorium


Inside A Premium Professional Pet Crematorium

Nestled in the heart of the medieval Spanish city of Valladolid sits one of the most impressive pet crematoriums that we have seen yet. Tanato Mascota is a full-service Professional Pet Crematorium that not only works privately but also supports the local veterinary centres.

From a distance you could be fooled into thinking that you are about to visit a luxurious pet spa the standard of design and décor are so high that a customer could not feel welcomed when entering the building.

Spread across an impressive 500m2 facility which is complete with all of the features that you would have come to expect from a professional service. Complete with multiple private rooms to compassionately enable bereaved pet owners to spend time saying their final farewells alone or in small groups.

This is a great example of the services and support that can be offered by a pet crematorium that really wants to set itself apart as a premium option. Having a collection service available as part of the package either from the owners homes or direct from the veterinarians across the area, giving the owners all of the time and space that they may be needing.

Stocking as expected a full range of premium urns and mementos for the owners to take their pets ashes back home with them, they have chosen a selection that could sit comfortably on the fireplace of even the most style conscious of homes with a choice that will easily satisfy every customer.

Outside of the Premium Pet Crematorium in Spain Tanato Mascota
Even at night Tanato Mascota is an impressive pet crematorium

Moving beyond the traditional services that you may have come to expect from a modern pet crematorium they even include a specially prepared bereavement support service. Incorporating psychological counselling techniques to aid and support the owners, families and especially any children through such a trying time.

Completing the cremation service they provide fully individual pet cremation, they include beautifully finished personalised certificates of cremation to fully reassure the owners that they have received only their beloved pets ashes back.

Understanding the hole that losing a pet could leave in a persons life they are even able to help the owners take their next steps, when they are ready having developed strong relationships with several pet shelters and adoption services to help rehome animals in need.

To enable the business operation of course you will find an Addfield pet cremator the A50 IC1 which is an ideal machine for a new mid-sized pet crematorium comfortably able to manage up to 15 of the largest pets in one day. Combining an upper and lower cremation chamber, alongside advanced controls that enable it to automatically optimise its operation for fresh or frozen pets enabling them to support a much wider market. Complete with ergonomic lifting table taking the strain out of loading multiple pets during the day and a high powered remains processing cremulator to ensure a consistent level of ashes are returned to the owner. The entire operation has been setup to streamline the process for everyone involved as you expect for a modern and professional service.

Here is just one wonderful example of many that we have worked with at Addfield. In this instance this project was handled by our very well experienced distributors for Spain IGE who managed the entire project from the planning stages through to commissioning and training. Another benefit of working with a company such as Addfield with such a professional and global network of partners and engineers to help you set up your pet crematorium ready for success.

If you are serious about setting up a pet crematorium and would like to see how professional a service it can become we would recommend that you take a quick look at their website https://tanatomascota.com/

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