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North East Asia hit hard by Avian Influenza

At least half a dozen farms in Taiwan have been included in the recent our breakout of the highly pathogenic Avian Influenza (Avian Flu). Since October 2016, nearly 33 million birds across almost 35 different poultry farms have been affected in South Korea due to the recent breakouts. Japan has also seen the H5N6 virus, or Avian Flu, in wilds birds and nearly 1,4 million birds on 10 different poultry farms have been culled.

Our team of incineration experts have recently been exhibiting in Thailand for VIV Asia 2017 where our Sales Manager gave a presentation on how our incineration machines are manufactured to the highest standards to protect your farm’s Biosecurity.

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Addfield sales manager giving presentation at VIV Asia 2017

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