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How to set up a small scale,

medical waste disposal facility.


How to set up a small scale, medical waste disposal facility.

Problems with medical waste.

Medical waste disposal represents one of the single most serious challenges for developing countries. Most of which is dumped on open land, presenting challenges for today’s generation and future generations to come.

Through the piles of illegally dumped, medical waste, scavengers run the risk of infection while searching for used syringes to sell as profit. The re-use of these syringes further spreads diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B & C, with around 2 million infections.

Open burning of medical waste generates heavy particulate matter (smoke), and harmful dioxins and furans are the main cause for respiratory illnesses and cancer. As such open burning can affect large areas of the local populations.

In open waste dumps sites, animals walk across the medical waste expose themselves to disease. This disease is entered into the food chain, in which humans are consuming the livestock.

e-waste big fire and smoke wide


Below, Addfields Abraham Bah describes the issues surrounding medical waste disposal in Togo.

Below are detailed checklists, needed to setup a small scale, clinical waste disposal site. In addition to the incinerator set up, it is recommended that you have a dedicated waste reception area, whereby waste stored in sealed, leak-proof containers.

  • Foundation Work & Clearance – It is recommended that the machine is placed on a flat 150mm concrete base.
  • Housed Under a Shelter – It is recommended that the machine should be under some form of shelter or structure.
  • Electrical Supply – Electrical Power is supplied with a three-metre power cord supplied with a standard three pin euro plug.
  • Acceptance of Delivery – Do you have the appropriate lifting equipment & another able-bodied individual to help our engineer with the installation of the machine.
  • Machine Positioning – Interior installation has to follow a minimum clearance space.
  • Chimney Stack – On the commissioning day, make sure a labourer is available to cut as a whole in the roof of the shelter.
  • Chimney Stack – If the machine is outside,  it is recommended that the chimney stack is clear of any trees, power lines and is adjacent to any buildings by at least 500mm.
  • Diesel & Gas powered Machines – Ensure the fuel pipe runs as close to the machines inlet point as possible.
MP100 Shelter Measurements
Medical Waste Disposal Facility
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