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Welcome to Addfield - World Class Incineration Manufacturer

Addfield are the leading name in providing efficient & robust incineration & crematoria machines worldwide! We manufacturer all of our machines in-house for over 35 years, and distribute to over 95 countries.

Manoto TV Medical Waste Report Video

At Addfield we pride ourselves on our international reputation, having installed machines in more than 95 countries. We recently had the honour of taking part in an Iranian current affairs TV show Manoto.

Addfield Agricultural Incinerators

The Addfield, Agricultural incineration range, suitable for the disposal of animal by-products. Carcasses such as abattoir waste, cattle, sheep, pigs, sow, poultry and more. Thermally efficient and robust for years of use.

Addfield A50 IC Pet Crematorium

The A50 IC is a top of the line solution for Pet Cremation. Available in three different configurations and able to safely process up to 60 pet cremations a day. Built to the highest specification to ensure years of continued use for an excellent return on investment.

Addfield Incinerator Self Installation Guide

Easy & Simple guide for assembling one of Addfield Mini-AB Animal Incineration Machines. This guide will show you how to install all the additional parts to our machines when it arrives on your site.

MP-100 Medical Waste Incinerator - Aid Agency Mission

In Partnership with UNICEF-TOGO, the Addfield MP100 Medical Waste Incinerator is commissioned in DAPAONG regional Hospital as part of a government project to combat medical waste pollution and hazardous problems.

Addfield Thunder Incinerator

Addfield Thunder 1000 Aquaculture incineration machine with a 1000kg load capacity is the ideal incinerator for a large fish farming business. This machine is perfect for the incineration of Fish farms, Fish wholesalers or General fish waste.

Animal Incinerator Addfield Mini

This Addfield Mini Incinerator is 350kg loading capacity machine. It has a 0.58m3 chamber volume and it is ideal for farms and pet crematoriums. More information on the agriculture version, ideal for poultry, pigs and lambs incineration, is available here.

Addfield Containerised PET-200 Unit

Addfield work hard to make sure all of our customer’s needs and requirements are met. Our latest bespoke machine is a PET-200 machine in a container. With the efforts of our expert staff, the product was finished and delivered to the customer on time.

Addfield Pet Cremation Cremulator Machine

Our Business Development Manager, James Grant, talks about our pet cremulator machine and its features. Our pet cremulator machine comes as an extra option for our Pet Cremation range of machines.

Addfield at Agrame 2016

This year, Addfield were at AgraMe for the first time. This video is a short summary of some of the machines we have produced and information about our machines and why they are the best on the marketplace.

Addfield TB-AB-MAX Incinerator

Addfield 4000kg high capacity TB-AB MAX incinerator manufactured for the disposal of Medical, Animal or General Waste. This machine is built to meet the needs of large-scale waste problems.

Medical Waste Incinerator Testing Addfield MP 100

Medical Waste Testing on Addfields MP-100, 100kg capacity incineration machine. The MP-100 is suitable for clinical waste and hospital waste incineration. This machine is a perfect fit for any hospital or medical facility.

Medical Waste Incinerator Machine - Addfield GM1300

The GM1300 medical incinerator is a highly powerful, robust, incineration system. Its top-loading design is sized to ensure large waste loads of medical, biological, pathological and clinical waste are treated in a fast efficient manner.