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With a 4.18m3 load capacity the GM2000 medical incinerator is among one of the largest low capacity in the Addfield range.

Due to the nature of its size the GM2000 machine is ideal for bulk disposal of a wide range of medical waste types and has no problems with items such as soiled mattress, – an area where conventional machines may struggle due to the size.

The GM2000 machine has a load capacity of 2000kg, based on a load density of 500kg/m3.

The machine is fully insulated with three layers of refractory lining. Each layer is individually constructed to a very high tolerance. This advanced system ensures the machine consistently operates at its optimum using a minimum amount of fuel.

World class medical disposal incineration systems from Addfield Environmental Systems.

Need a higher burn rate machine? Consider the GM2000/150.

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