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Introducing the Addfield A50-IC Pet Cremation Machine

Introducing the A50-IC a state of the art pet cremation machine from Addfield

Specifically developed to meet the needs of larger pet cremation operations.

There are currently no other Multiple Pet Cremation machines available that meet the same level of productivity as the A50.

Available in 3 sizes which are capable of processing between 15 to 60 pet cremations per day.

The A50 has been specially configured to manage two adjacent cremation chambers, each one capable of independent operation and control.

The A50 Uses a Hot Hearth principle of combustion, this means that the heat is optimised by being heated under the primary chamber floor. This combustion system effectively eliminates any cold spots underneath a placed animal in the primary chamber. His, in turn, delivers the highest quality results available.

Constructed from extra thick 10mm British Steel to create a machine that will stand the test of time.

Benefitting from a multi-layered refractory incorporating Insulation Board,  White isolation brick and a final outer layer of alum infused firebricks.  This keeps the heat inside the incinerator allowing a more comfortable operation while also drastically reducing your operating costs by up to 40%

With a simple to use bespoke control panel giving you quick access to all the key functions, designed to be easy to operate. With a safe start and stop function, hydraulic controlled doors and electronic fan assisted heat management all accessible from one central location.  With smart technology, the A50 IC is able to automatically distinguish between Fresh or Frozen carcasses.

The A50 is designed using the heating principles found in almost every human crematorium.

Working on a rotating system. Where the upper chamber is loaded with the animal to be cremated, once almost complete the remains are rotated into the second finishing chamber. The upper chamber can then be cleaned and a second animal is loaded. The remains of the first animal are individually removed from the finishing chamber. This enables a much higher process rate than a traditional single chamber machine.

With an automatic Air management system constantly monitoring the air-fuel ratio to give you a cleaner more efficient burn rate and reducing time to process and reducing operational costs.

The A50IC is regularly installed within animal crematoria and research centres it is equipped with the necessary sophistication of control and designed to cremate animal carcasses in an efficient, clean and environmentally safe manner

Addfield also produce all the key equipment required to effectively run your pet cremation service, with De-ashing tools, Ash reducing cremulators and hydraulic lifting tables

Addfield are the number one choice for pet cremation equipment delivering high-quality machinery for more than 30 years across more than 90 countries.

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