Addfield projects range of high capacity incinerators

The G250 High Capacity Incinerator

Is a fully self contained, solution to waste management.


The incredible G250 High Capacity Incinerator

Over the past 35 years we have developed a comprehensive range of incinerators, suitable for every kind of waste and able to handle all of our customers industry needs. Boasting a range of machines starting with the ultra-compact AES100 all the way to the rather impressive Rapid 1000. However sometimes these machines just aren’t enough for our customers unique requirements and this is where our custom High Capacity range comes in. Our latest coming to completion and ready to be shipped to the Ascension Islands now is one of our G250 machines.

Fully self-contained in two stacked 40ft containers, this machine was selected as the perfect solution to handle all the waste for the entire mid Atlantic island. Specially adapted to safely incinerate all the diverse waste streams that need to be processed.

Built to operate for up to sixteen hours a day incinerating up to 250kg an hour, this means that the G250 can easily process a massive 4 tons of waste a day. Designed for almost continual operation able to clock in over 350 days of usage every year more than enough for the islands 800 inhabitants.

The waste can be loaded manually, by JCB or through an optional bin tipper. Placing the waste securely into the ram loader, before safely directing it into the stepped hearth primary chamber. This keeps the waste moving throughout the process gradually pushing the combusted materials down the chamber until the ash falls into the screw fed deashing section exiting the chamber through a grated aperture preventing any blockages.

The process is reliably managed by our programmable PLC monitoring system. Able to adapt the program cycle specifically to the exact requirements of the current waste being incinerated.

As this G250 is heading to manage the waste on a remote island it has been adapted to be able to operate using waste oil as an additional fuel stream. This provides a double benefit as it removes waste oil safely from the environment by using it to aid the incineration, which in turn further reduces the operational costs.

After incineration all of the waste gasses enter the secondary chamber, extended to optimise the retention time. Benefiting from an air dilution ring, which circulates the waste gasses ensuring that only clean safe air is released back into the environment.

The G250 high capacity incinerator is the ideal solution for managing the full range of waste required

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