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New solution to remote commisioning

Addfield launches an online learning platform


Digital approach to combat the Coronavirus spread

Over that past few months, the internet has truly revolutionised the way we work worldwide. Remote meetings have become the new normal and people are engaging with technology and the business opportunities available like never before. At Addfield the sudden lockdown of borders did not mean that we were going to be unable to keep building essential medical waste incinerators, it just gave us the chance to further innovate, this time in the digital domain.

During the past year alone we have supplied dozens of machines to be installed in countries across all continents. In most instances, the final stage of the project is when an engineer flies out from the UK to complete the installation and deliver training to the new users. As the airports closed, the docks stayed open and we continued to ship essential medical incinerators worldwide to help combat the crisis caused by the Coronavirus. As the machines began to arrive so did the need to commission them. But how without a trained engineer available? This became a problem desperate to be solved.

The solution was simple and resulted in an online learning platform launching with a detailed program for commissioning and operating the MP range of medical incinerators.

“When the travel restrictions first took hold, we knew we had to act fast. As the demand for medical incinerators grew we had to ask ourselves how can we best support our customers anytime and anywhere, without being affected by travel restrictions?

Several of our team had completed various online courses in the past as part of their personal development and proposed we make our own. Putting together a team from across the company each with their own expertise, in just a couple of weeks we were able to launch it just in time for the arrival of several of our machines in Cambodia.” Ian Gilbert, Marketing Manager.

In recent years ‘Online training courses’ have taken the world by storm. Giving the ability for anyone to learn from the experts in virtually any subject. And although it is often best to have a qualified and experienced engineer on hand when installing an incinerator. Through the power of the internet, customers are able to put their new equipment straight to work helping to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus through safe disposal of contaminated waste.

Launching our online platform this June, just in time to support the installation and commissioning of several medical incinerators being setup in Cambodia for a leading international aid agency. The first course combines more than 23 video lessons combined with essential documents and guides covering everything from positioning the machine and connecting it all together through to the first operation and basic maintenance essentials.

To be successful in business it’s essential to view new challenges, as opportunities to innovate and the Coronavirus has been no different. Throughout the past three months, Addfield has implemented dozens of fresh approaches to working locally and internationally to ensure that essential medical equipment has been able to continue to ship worldwide. As orders for essential medical machines continue to arrive this fresh approach to commissioning has already proven a vital resource.

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