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Fantastic success at the 2018 Pig and Poultry show

Record number of visitors came to see us


Blockbuster success for Addfield at this years Pig and Poultry Exhibition

With the sun bearing down on us during the first day of the show the Addfield team began a truly tremendous two-day exhibition at the bi-annual Pig and Poultry show in Warwickshire.

Welcoming farmers from across the UK, Ireland and beyond it was a fantastic opportunity not only to speak to farmers that are looking to buy an Addfield Agricultural incinerator for the first time, it was also a real opportunity for our team to meet our existing customers again. Finding out how they are getting on with their machines, and gain some real-world feedback on what it is like to use our machines every day.

Possibly our busiest show yet there was barely a moment of quiet as our two teams battled to keep up with the enquiries to the stand.  Having a mix of departments taking turns on the Tuesday and Wednesday enabled our team to personally gain a different perspective on what makes our machines so successful.

Stand visitors had the opportunity to finally meet a number of our behind the scenes team members rather than just deal with our sales team and they took the opportunity to raise very interesting questions on a variety of topics.  However, it was clear that there were two key areas of interest for farmers this year, Biosecurity and Costs.

As biosecurity experts, we have always designed our machines to be the perfect solution to help farmers to prevent any costly outbreaks whilst keeping their farms prepared for any scenarios that could cause problems to how they can run their farms (see below for some links to further information on biosecurity risks)

Coming a close second was the cost. Fallen stock and waste management can be an expensive business for pig and poultry farmers whether they are managing it themselves or paying for a waste removal service. It’s a cost every farmer has to account for.  So, when the topic of conversation turned to the cost of our incinerators over the lifetime of one of our machines the fact that you can be expected to get more than 20 years of operation whilst saving up to  40% on running costs compared to other modern machines and even more when compared to some of the older machines that some of our guests currently used it was soon apparent how quickly our agricultural incinerators can pay for themselves.  As such several farmers are already planning on changing how they manage their fallen stock to match farmers around the world and start using an Addfield machine.

With the sales already received the show has already proven its value so we know we are going to be heading back in two years time. Our team are just beginning to plough through the enquiries we received during the two days and are starting to book in visits to the factory to showcase how our machines are simply built better than any other incineration machine on the market.

If you weren’t able to make it to this year’s show, don’t think you have to wait another two years to see our machines in action, get in touch with us and come to see us anytime.




Addfield incinerators are a key factor in maintaining biosecurity on farms worldwide. Click here to learn more about how an onsite incinerator can help combat Avian Flu Outbreaks.

To learn more about the agricultural range of incinerators from Addfield click here.

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