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Biosecurity & Disposal By Incineration


Biosecurity & Disposal By Incineration

One of the biggest growing challenges to poultry farming is biosecurity. In recent years is the growth of Avian Flu in global bird stocks.  The variety of different strains presents problems in quickly identifying the specific threats to birds and administering the appropriate vaccinations to a flock.

However, trends within the poultry industry are pointing toward reducing antibiotic use in stocks. This reduction is being pushed by supermarkets and consumers.  Ultimately the key message being, prevention is better than cure. 

An integral prevention method is on-site disposal.  Key areas where incineration can help improve your biosecurity include:

  • Fast and effective disposal of fallen stock
  • Elimination of collection services and the site-to-site transmission

Additional benefits of incineration:

  • Zero collection costs
  • Reduction of site odour for sitting waste
  • Bone-meal generated as a saleable by-product

Addfield are the leading supplier to the poultry industry we manufacture a variety of machines of different sizes to suit specific flock sizes.

What incinerator machine is right for your poultry farm?

Tell us the size of your flock and a let us, the experts provide you with the right solution.

You can see an overview of our poultry machines here

Addfield incinerators are a key factor in maintaining biosecurity on farms worldwide. Click here to learn more about how an onsite incinerator can help combat Avian Flu Outbreaks.

To learn more about the agricultural range of incinerators from Addfield click here.

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