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Become a distributor for Addfield

At Addfield we currently have a fantastic team of distributors supporting us in maintaining the position as the worlds leading incinerator manufacturers.  We currently have machines in well over 100 countries and are growing this number continuously.  If you are looking for a rewarding business opportunity with fantastic growth opportunities and are able to put in the time and commitment required to become an exclusive distributor for your region here are the first steps for you to consider.


Spains premier incineration team IGE visits Addfield
Managing Director Steve Lloyd and the Addfield team with IGE our distributors for Spain

Distribution Frequently Asked Questions

1/ Should I become a Distributor or an Agent of Addfield.

This is entirely up to the individual or the company, if you are looking for a long-term strategy, we would advise working on a business plan to achieve consistent sales in country/sector. Distributors will generate their own organic leads through a range of platforms whilst also advertising on our distribution page and leads via the . Website leads will be shared with the country distributors. Whereas an agent will support a direct sale to Addfield whilst working on a commission to support the smooth and secure completion from enquiry to sale. Agents have fewer rights than a distributor as no formal agreement is given.

2/ What can I expect when I become an Agent/Distributor?

As an Agent, you will work with us and support the customer throughout the sale. The customer will purchase the machine from us and upon completion, we will provide you with a pre-agreed commission, you will also be able to increase your revenue by providing installation and commissioning support.

As a distributor, you will handle the sale independently of Addfield. You will purchase the machine from us and sell directly to your customer. We will be able to support you throughout your sale if required. As a distributor you will be expected to source your own customers and depending upon the agreement we may provide you with all enquiries that we receive for your location.

3/ What sales and marketing materials will you provide me with?

When you become an approved Distributor you will receive online access to a complete package of resources to use. This includes the latest price lists for your range and market. You will also access a marketing resource containing images, datasheets, and brochures. As a distributor, you will be able to request branded material to be provided containing your company details. We currently provide materials in a range of languages, if we do not currently provide them in your chosen target language you are welcome to provide us with translation to enable us to create marketing materials for you as required. Finally, you will be loaded to our distributor page on our website

4/ How does Addfield compare to other manufacturers?

Addfield machines have been in production since 1982 since this time they have developed a reputation for being of high quality and reliability. We use only premium materials in the manufacture of our machines and they are built to last. As such they are priced very competitively when compared to similarly priced machines made to inferior standards.

Our range has been purposely developed to suit the waste type exactly which has given us a wide range of machines where you may find our competitors will provide the same machine for Agricultural and Medical waste we have dedicated solutions which are optimised exactly for the type of waste to be disposed of.

We believe that the quality of our machines speak for themselves and as such operate an open door facility inviting customers to come and see our machine sin production and in many instances, this transparency helps to reinforce the quality of our machines and operation.

Middle Eastern Incinerator Distributors Valmena visits Addfield
Operations Director Derek Carr with our Middle Eastern distributors Valmena


5 / What ongoing support is available to customers, such as Warranties and Service support?

As a distributor or agent all sales that you are involved in will receive the same warranty and support that our customers receive directly from us.

We have a dedicated online training platform alongside dozens of training and servicing videos you will be given unlimited access to alongside continuous access to our highly skilled engineers.

Our machines all come with a 12 month unlimited hour warranty which begins when the machine leaves the factory and covers an extensive range of parts.

We would recommend that all incinerators/pet cremators are serviced annually to maintain consistency and quality and this is an area we could support you in developing as an additional revenue stream.

6/ Will I receive training in all of the machines that you supply?

You will receive full training in machines which have been purchasing from us which can be completed in person at our factory in Great Britain or you can access our online training program.

Additionally depending upon your agreed distributor level you will be entitled to attend specific training at our facility in the service and maintenance of our machines. You will be able to elect a member/s of your team to receive the training which will be certificated upon completion. Addfield continue to make improvements and develop new solutions, each quatre you will receive a news email with new opportunities, case studies and developments.

Australian incinerator distributors ACE visit Addfield
Business Development Director James Grant with ACE our distributors for Australia and the neighbouring region

7/ Will you be able to ship your machines to my country?

We currently have machines installed in over 101 countries worldwide and as of yet we have not been able to provide a machine in country when requested.

In the near future as England completes Brexit we do not foresee any issues coming into action that would limit our reach. As new trade agreements are finalised we will of course abide by any and all regulations that may affect us to ensure a fully compatible service.

8/ What official support documents are available to validate the machines?

All machines manufactured by Addfield are CE marked and adhere to full EU and DEFRA standards as a minimum. We are able to provide suitable documentation to attest to this. Addfield is also an ISO accredited company in both 9001 and 14001 quality management systems.

9/ Will your machine be available in my language?

We currently manufacture the majority of our machines with multilingual control panels these are developed for our most in demand regions. We are able to provide you with custom control panels following sufficient demand and orders placed.


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