Addfield achieve awards success twice in one night

at Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Annual Awards ceremony.


Award winning manufacturers

It’s a great accolade to be able to declare yourself to be award winning, and to be recognised by your peers is one of the greatest awards you can receive.  Last night we achieved that on a massive scale.  At this year’s Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce annual awards we walked away with two awards for ‘Excellence in Manufacturing’ as well as ‘Excellence in International Business’.

Shortlisted alongside an incredible range of companies across the Midlands it was a genuine honour to win these categories.

You will always hear us talking proudly about the hard work and dedication that our entire workforce puts into ensuring that our machines are the highest quality available as one of our slogans is ‘Simply Built Better’ a motto that all of our staff adhere to. As a manufacturer being singled out for that is one of the highest accolades we can receive.

As our manufacturing was recognised so was our growth in international business, with barely a week going by without at least one international visitor to our factory alongside our machines beginning a long journey to their new homes. We really value the importance that international customers can have on a business and have to thank our team not only in Addfield but also our international distributors who continue to build relationships on a global scale and reinforce another of our favourite sayings, ‘Your Trusted Partner’.  As our growth into new territories continues so does our repeat business with some of the worlds largest companies which is another testament to the quality of our manufacturing as well as our ongoing customer service in the UK and beyond.

In this respect, although Addfield were given the awards last night the real winners are all of our staff and supporters who without their commitment we would not be able to celebrate this incredible result.  Thank you all.

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