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Medical Waste Incinerators

Worldwide medical waste incinerators are making a huge difference to waste control, many clinics and hospitals, that just a few years ago, either buried or burned their medical waste are now utilising the benefits of incinerators to help them take the next step toward better health. Even generating heat and hot water and in some larger cases, electricity generation is available.

“Incinerators provide an interim solution especially for developing countries…,” says WHO, adding that best practice must be used to ensure the optimal operation of the of the incinerator system.

Other locations that are benefiting from medical waste incinerators include New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Because modern incinerators are custom engineered, they can burn a variety of different fuels, are easy to operate, and can be cleaned and maintained by a person with little prior operational experience.

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The WHO suggests the most important step for a medical clinic or hospital interested in using an incinerator is to work with a reputable company that will configure an incinerator that meets their requirements.

They should be able to conform to any country’s laws by equipping the unit with regulators that monitor the unit’s performance. They should also be willing to offer guidance in the proper care for the units that they sell.

This is where Addfield Environmental Systems come in.

The Addfield Medical MP and GM Range of Waste incinerators are utilised worldwide on six different continents by private hospitals, government primary health care services, medical waste management companies and by the vast majority of the world’s largest aid agencies globally.

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