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Kuwaits largest recycler chooses Addfield

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Kuwaits largest recycler chooses Addfield

Yet another exporting success story for us at Addfield we gear up for one of our largest projects in recent years.

As the final stages of the project are formalised we are beginning to gather our team in preparation for the build of an impressive multi-million-pound clinical waste-to-energy facility for their customer in Kuwait. Construction of this mammoth project will begin in February 2020 at our headquarters in the heart of in Staffordshire before being completed on-site in Kuwait later in the year.

The largest Waste Recycling operator in Kuwait is expanding its operation with the addition of a brand new specifically designed facility developed exclusively for the safe destruction of clinical waste. Designed to process up to 1000kg of material per hour through a fully automated stepped hearth incinerator.

The customer selected Addfield after tirelessly reviewing other manufacturers from England, France, Germany, and the USA before choosing to work with us due to our established reputation in this arena for delivering consistent high-quality solutions for many large incineration facilities internationally.

Another clear investment in the recognition of the quality and reliability of British Manufacturing, as celebrated by the Department for International Trade ‘Exporting is Great’ initiative.

Having an expected operational life in excess of 20 years Addfield will ensure that the entire system is capable of being operated and maintained in-country. Delivering a fully comprehensive program of operation and maintenance training for local engineers during the final installation and commissioning stage.

“This is another fantastic project for us to work on following the success we have seen with installations of this scale in the UK and Europe landing another project, which will be starting so soon is recognition not just of the quality of work that we deliver at Addfield. It is also confidence in the recognition that made in Great Britain still carriers a rightfully recognised esteem around the world. We are really proud to be starting the new year in such a great position. This just the first of many projects we are looking at in this region and we are very proud of the quality of work of our team” James Grant Business Development Director

“Globally clinical waste is becoming recognised for the potential impact that it can cause the environment. We are incredibly proud to be such a significant part in the safe disposal of such waste in an environmentally secure and sustainable manner.” James Grant Business Development Director.

In recent Years Addfield has become increasingly recognised for its ability to deliver on a wide-reaching range of Turnkey Solutions for dealing with the growing global problem of clinical waste. Providing solutions throughout the UK and internationally for some of the world’s most prestigious customers. Making dramatic inroads into new markets and continuing to grow in existing ones.

All Addfield plants are designed to comply with the strictest environmental regulations and comply with the most stringent of EU emission legislations. Implementing a number of advanced filtration methods and operation principles. We aim to deliver the cleanest and greenest solution to disposing of such hazardous waste.

Addfield has been leading the industry for more than 35 years in the design and construction of the most reliable and efficient machines on the market. Proudly flying the flag of Great Britain as a genuine badge of quality to let their customer know that they are simply buying the best.

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