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Introducing the C200

High Capacity Waste Incinerator


Introducing the C200 Medical Incinerator

We are extremely proud of our medical incinerator range and the positive impact that it is having globally. Having a range that covers the most compact machines designed for handling small quantities of biomedical laboratory waste all the way to industrial-sized facilities capable of processing more several tonnes a day.

One of our latest additions to the range is our C200 Medical Waste incinerator which has been developed to effortlessly handle highly demanding medical and clinical waste.

Having a 200kg per hour burn rate with a primary chamber achieving temperatures in excess of 700°C and secondary chamber burning at greater than 1100°C to ensure all medical clinical waste is securely and environmentally disposed of.

Having an integrated secondary afterburner acting as the pollution control system, offering smokeless operations. The after chambers have been CFD modeled to ensure maximum results and compliance to two second retention times regulation.

Safe incineration delivers complete and thorough destruction of waste, reducing the overall volume of the waste to less than 5% ash which can then easily be disposed of.

As with all Addfield machines the C200 is constructed out of heavy-duty 10mm thick robust steel construction you can expect to achieve up to 20 years of operation with regular annual servicing and correct usage.

The primary chamber benefits from a multi-layered thermally efficient high-grade brick refractory with insulations rated up to 1600°C. Keeping the heat inside the chamber rather than letting it escape into the environment. This delivers up to 40% more fuel efficiency than purely concrete refractories can.

Simple to use having a straight forward operation using a colour HMI interface with touch screen functionality, enabling schematic overviews providing information on operational status.

The C200 is able to be loaded manually or automatically with an optional ram feeder unit. Alongside an automatic bin tipper top-loading sequencing and firing allow for ease of use.

As with all Addfield incinerators, the C200 is Proudly designed, and manufactured in Great Britain, and is another reason why Addfield are continuing to lead the way in thermal treatment solutions.

For more information on the C200 and the complete range of Medical Incinerators available contact us today on +44(0)1543 541280 or email

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