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Become your own boss

In recent weeks we have seen businesses close and thousands of people lose their livelihoods almost overnight. Alongside the emotional and physical impact of the coronavirus, the financial implications will stretch far into the year if not beyond. One of the least expected results of all his however is that we have seen a dramatic increase from individuals looking to start up their own pet crematoriums as soon as they can. An almost ironclad business opportunity,-+ for as long as people have pets then sadly they will also have a need for pet crematoriums. In the UK alone it is estimated that there are more than 50 million pets and globally that number is close to a billion.

As far as business opportunities goes it is one with a very clear and sustainable future and a very healthy return on investment possible. Some of our customers have been able to achieve a full return on their initial investment in as little as a year. Operating on minimal running costs and having a wide range of upsell opportunities from premium urns to personalised mementos we have seen some staggering success stories, in the UK, Europe and around the globe.

Many businesses begin small with a single-chambered PET 200 or a higher output A50-IC(1) before expanding to larger machines and often entering the horse cremation market with even greater returns. As we design and manufacture all of our machines in-house, we have even been asked to develop an exciting number of bespoke projects creating a genuine one of a kind of pet crematorium.

Now may very well be the time for you to take your career into your own hands and invest in launching your own business with start-up costs lower than you may think and our expertise in guiding you through any hurdles you may encounter.

There is a reason why Addfield pet cremators are some of the most highly respected machines on the market and our pet cremation team have all of the knowledge and experience to give you an honest understanding of what you can expect to experience and achieve in your first few years of business, whilst guiding you through how to build, operate and even promote your business.

To take your first steps towards independence contact our pet cremation team today via

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