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Waste Oil Incinerator For Gas and Oil Sites


Waste Oil Incinerator For Gas and Oil Sites

Adaptability is essential here at Addfield in order to be able to provide the right range of solutions to all of our customers.

In most instances, you will find our machines not only used for one sector but commonly one very specific type of waste. Our agricultural machines are even optimised for the types of animal to be processed to ensure optimal results. We make sure to understand your needs so that you will always achieve the highest standard of incineration.

However, there are projects that require a much more flexible approach to disposal and in these instances, we need to work very closely with our customers to develop very special systems to deliver consistent results.

In 2019 we were approached to provide a solution for an oil processing site in Guyana for Lamor on behalf of oil and gas producer Exxon.

Lamor is one of the world leaders in delivering solutions that lead towards a cleaner environment for the future. In fact, their mission statement is simply ‘Let’s clean the world”. As such it was a genuine honour to have been awarded this project by them based in part due to our proven track record in delivering solutions that actually deliver on their promises.

Not our first installation for an oil production site however due to the scope of the project it required a completely different approach.

Lamor was looking into the development of an integrated waste management facility. Designed predominantly for disposing of the mixed and generally hazardous wastes generated from land and offshore oil and gas generation.

The site has been designed to manage a very high output of waste per day. Averaging between 1 – 2 tonnes which, prior to the installation of this incinerator had previously been disposed of in several ways of varying degrees of environmental efficiency.

Incorporating waste oil incineration to be even more environmentally sustainable. In addition to traditional diesel-powered burners, the main burner housed on the rear door of the incinerator is a special duel fuel burner connected to both the diesel tank and a thermally insulated and heated waste oil burner to help repurpose some of the waste.

Beyond the standard features, this installation required more advanced loading options to enable near-continuous loading required to achieve such a high daily output. As such it came complete with our pneumatically powered ram loader and charger with bin tipper.

When dealing with such a volatile range of waste products it is essential that all emissions are carefully monitored and adhered to. Even though the final installation is set to operate from a region without the strictest environmental regulations it was agreed that this project must still adhere to our shared belief regarding the environment and as such, it was agreed to ensure that the installation complied with US EPA and EU operating standards

In this instance, we provided an extra-large Venturi Wet Scrubber system to divert all of the flue gasses through an advanced cleaning system which strips the gasses clean and ensures that only safe clean gases are released back into the environment.

Beyond Simply Waste Oil Incineration

Due to its remote location and range of activities taking place there, it was required that we deliver a system capable of safely disposing of an incredible range of waste including.

  • Dry Filters
  • Wood
  • Punctured Aerosol / pressurized spray cans
  • Empty plastic Drums/IBC’s
  • Used lube oil/motor oil
  • Contaminated hydrocarbons (contaminated crude, diesel, etc.)
  • Oily Debris (rags, gloves, wood, vegetation, sorbent pads, paper, etc.)
  • Oily Filters and Oil Filter Sludge
  • Paint waste
  • Medical waste
  • Drum rinse
  • Pigging waste
  • Used drilling muds (NAF) not discharged with cuttings
  • Oil contaminated completion brines
  • Unused or contaminated solvents/chemicals
  • Glycol
  • Oil sludge/Tank bottom sludge
  • Contaminated drums, containers, packaging (metal or plastic)

Bespoke Solutions Designed Around Our Customers Needs.

This is another example of the power of incineration in delivering solutions that are built not just to dispose of waste but to also protect the environment. Addfield is the world leader in incineration due to our commitment to delivering solutions to customers’ needs exactly allowing for advanced disposal for specialist disposal including this waste oil incinerator rather than simply providing a standard machine that would only be able to deliver basic results.

If you want to learn more about our bespoke and optimised Gas, Campsite and Waste Oil Incinerators contact our sales team to begin your journey.

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