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Tunisian Ambassadors expedition to Addfield

Not every visitor comes to buy an incinerator.


Tunisian Ambassadors expedition to Addfield

Not every visitor to Addfield comes to buy an incinerator.

As active members of the Department for International Trade ‘Exporting is Great’ initiative, being Exporting Champions part of the Midlands Engine we are more than happy to take part in events to promote Staffordshire and the Midlands region as a manufacturing hub.

This week we were visited by Nabil Ben Khedher Ambassador for the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia, Wassim Hajeri Counsellor for the embassy of the Republic of Tunisia and several delegates from the DIT.

Their visit was part of a greater program of business engagement taking place nationwide. The purpose was to learn more about how businesses are adapting to the current environment, and how we are developing strategies internationally. We also had the opportunity to discuss new routes to market including Tunisia alongside overcoming barriers to entry and future opportunities across North Africa.

Hosted by Derek Carr Operations Director and James Grant Business Development Director, all visitors were given a whistle-stop tour around all the facilities, meeting the teams responsible for designing and manufacturing our machines whilst having the opportunity to learn about the diverse waste streams our machines are utilised for.

“I am very happy to have this opportunity to come and visit this company. It is a leading company in the incineration industry. So we are looking at the expertise and skills that the company has. And hopefully we are looking forward to establishing some links with Tunisia and the Tunisian companies, so it is good to see how successful is this company in exporting its services and its products to many countries. And I am sure that there could be some good opportunities to do business with Tunisia and vice versa maybe also to learn from this company and its experiences, how they are very good at meeting the requirements of their clients and Tunisia being one perhaps, and the African market there is certainly room and potential to work with Addfield and companies such as this successfully.” – Nabil Ben Khedher – Ambassador – Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia

“First of all, we would like to say thankyou to Wasim and Nabil for visiting Addfield environmental. It is a great pleasure of ours as an exporting champion to welcome our guests with us today. We are a Staffordshire business that are very proud of the products we produce. we manufactyure incinerators and export them to over 95 counties around the world. We see this as being a great opportunity to build relationships and to open new doors to new markets. We have a duty of care as a manufacturer to ensure we offer the best products, the best service, and make sure that it is robust reliable and efficient that is our key message. Anyone that is looking to become an exporting champion you should ensure that you are aware of your USP’s. Be proud of your USP and don’t be scared to communicate it. have an open door policy like we have today.” Derek Carr – Operations Director – Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd.

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