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Thermal Waste Disposal Systems for Kennels


Thermal Waste Disposal Systems for Kennels

Thermal waste disposal systems are always going to be a major cost component for kennels. Generated on a daily basis, this cost component will take up a sizeable chunk of your operational costs – but there is another option that can help maximise your businesses long-term bottom line.

Ownership of an on-site disposal machine is simple. Thermal waste can be loaded continuously throughout the day and operational cycles can be performed daily or weekly. The operation is fully automatic, with the press of a start button. The machine can be left unattended. So you can get on with your day at the kennels

The machine function with virtually no smoke or odour and real-time monitoring is always available to manage temperatures and fuel efficiency.

So why choose this as an option?

  1. Cost Saving a reduction of costs by as much as 75%
  2. No Site Smell with the removal of storage bins that would normally hold the waste
  3. Refusal Of Collection Services Many collection companies is refusing to take waste from kennels sites.
  4. Managing Waste At Source no longer in the hands or pockets of waste management companies.
  5. Renewable Heat Options Generate heat from the equipment to feedback into the site

As the leading industry figure and with the latest machines, let Addfield support you with your disposal equipment.

We’d like to hear from you:

  • Tell us about your kennels. Are you looking to reduce costs?
  • Are you unsure how to manage your waste?

Contact us for more information.

Addfield animal waste disposal machines at Kennel, Staffordshire.

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