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How to start your pet crematorium


Starting your Pet Cremation business.

Pet Cremation is quickly becoming a growing business opportunity, making it ideal for starting your pet cremation business. Following recent technological developments alongside a global attitude shift towards the dignified treatment of pets resulting in a genuinely profitable new industry.

In 2016 in the UK alone the pet cremation business broke the hundred million pounds a year mark* as a business, a figure which can be seen clearly replicated across the world.  Since then there have been little signs of slowing with pet crematoriums continuing to be established around the world including Europe, the USA and a particularly high level of activity across South America including Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Colombia.

No matter where you are in the world people treat their pets as family and when the sad time comes they want to treat them as they would any family member.

This increase in demand has brought about countless opportunities for new businesses to grow, offering pet cremation services.  With a number of reasons for this increase in activity linking back to a shortage in burial spaces, as well as people wanting to keep their pets with them when they move house, and an overall shift in attitudes towards the accepted levels of the grieving process over fallen pets.  As far as creating a new business, establishing a Pet Cremation service is not as complex as it previously was. Easily set up and able to be operated from a small unit on a business park, or from a rural smallholding the barriers to entry are minimal.

As industry experts in delivering Pet Cremation Solutions, we have personally seen the increase in demand. As such we have put together a simple guide to help you decide the best solution for you.

How to start your business?

As with any business, you will find that there are rules, regulations and laws in place to govern exactly how you can establish and run a Pet Cremation business. We have installed machines in more than 95 countries worldwide and can help you at every stage of the process.   Whether you are in Preston or Panama we can provide you with the complete package and let you focus on your business.

The first step that we would always recommend is to find your desired business location and then we can help you arrange any planning and consent requirements that you may have.

Who would run a Pet Cremation service?

Running a Pet Crematorium is a genuinely rewarding business opportunity with very high potential returns. In our experience, many successful Pet Crematorium are run by animal lovers, who are committed to delivering outstanding service to people who have lost a pet. In addition to this, we have seen Veterinary practices, Farmers and serial Entrepreneurs establish these services for a rewarding additional income stream.  With our continuing developments in technology meaning that our cremator machines are incredibly compact, self-contained and easy to operate by anyone, the barriers to becoming a Pet Cremation provider are minimal.  As with any business, your personal commitment will be the defining factor for your success.

How much can I expect to earn?

Your exact income will vary from region to region and depending upon your competition. However, on average it is likely that you will be able to cremate between 10 and 60 animals a day from one machine.  The fees generally vary from region to region, however, most operators will charge upwards of £140 for an average cat/small dog, with large breeds of dog averaging £240.  The returns you can expect on your investment will be very much impacted by your fuel efficiency as choosing the wrong machine can impact your profits by as much as 40%. On top of standard cremation costs there is a growing range of additional memorials from Urns and Scatter boxes to more permanent options that you could also offer as part of your service.

How much does it cost to set up a pet Crematorium?

As with beginning any new business, you will be faced with a range costs from standard taxes, rates and rent which if you are operating from rural land or business/industrial units you should be able to find very reasonable. Your biggest core cost will always be your machinery and this is the one area that you really need to think ahead about. Our machines are built to last so if you choose wisely you should expect to only have to buy a new machine once and again when you expand. With this in mind, it is important that you plan your growth in your initial business model so that you do not find yourself turning customers away in six months.

Many of the pet crematoriums we have worked with are expanding following becoming established to ensure that they are not losing any business.

What to look for in a Cremation machine?

When working with customers the first thing we ask is what are your plans, we don’t sell you a product we sell you a complete service, our machines sell themselves.  We have a selection of machines that we regularly install in Pet Crematorium, the PETCREM 200 being our most popular model, it’s simple to expand upon as well as easy to operate allowing you to increase your income easily.  For more information on our range of Pet Cremation equipment click here.

Our service does not stop once you have brought the machine we are here with you for the long term. We are still regularly servicing Pet Cremation machines from almost 23 years ago so you know our machines will keep on working for as long as you want to.

Regular servicing is essential and we are proud to have representatives servicing our cremators across the globe ensuring that you are always able to receive expert support. Additionally, we have a bank of online resources, videos and tutorials designed specifically to show you how to fix many situations that you may experience throughout the life of your machine.

For further information on the benefits of running a pet crematorium contact our experts at or call us on +44 (0) 1543 571280.

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