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Winning through the manufacturing recession


Winning through the manufacturing recession

Last week you may have seen the headlines that despite the overall economic growth manufacturing in the UK is going into recession showing a negative growth of 0.95%.

Fortunately for us at Addfield we are bucking the trend, continuing to build on the success from previous years growing our international customers increasing our repeat orders due to the recognised quality that the Made in Britain reputation brings with it.

Refusing to cut corners or outsource our projects outside of the UK, knowing that our engineers are some of the best in the world, a confidence reflected by our growing number of customers.  Following years of investment into our workforce and facilities, our confidence is being rewarded. Increasing the success from last year alongside maintaining a constant flow of our traditional range of incinerators seeing record orders for all waste streams especially Agricultural, Medical and Pet Crematoriums.

Alongside these machines, we also have two of our larger High Capacity installations in production with our G250 nearing completion before heading off to be installed on the Ascension Island. Even this is dwarfed by the primary chamber for our NHS hospital installation coming in at a whopping 5metres in height ready for the next stage of production.

The best thing is that these aren’t even our biggest projects, as soon as these are completed we have two more projects to complete that are even larger.

We are confident that even though Brexit is only a few months away our dedication to excellence will continue to reflect on our market growth and believe that this success is sure to be reflected across the face of British manufacturing with a continued commitment to excellence together we can all show how great British manufacturing can be.

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