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Incineration supports farm accreditation

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Incineration is key to achieving Red Tractor certified standards.

For an increasing number of pig farmers, accreditation is vital for customer confidence. Here at Addfield, we have a long history of supporting many of these farms. Working directly with farmers and alongside BQP across the UK and Europe to supply suitable machines to help them achieve all of the standards required to secure Red Tractor Assurance and similar. The Red Tractor certified standards badge shows the consumer that the animal was looked after. What many people do not realise is that these and others go far beyond the life of the animal.

In fact, having a well-implemented incineration plan is one of the factors that can help a farm achieve approved status. Alongside being DEFRA and APHA approved the Addfield range of incinerators enable farmers to meet the recommendations set out for handling fallen stock. In particular, giving the ability to securely store, manage and dispose of fallen stock including afterbirth and stillborn animals.

Incineration supports Red Tractor certified standards

Able to maintain site biosecurity by handling fallen stock straight away alongside the added benefit of lockable chambers for storing waste between incineration. Providing protection from vermin, and animals whilst preventing environmental contamination and the spread of disease. Removing the need for collection through using an approved on-farm incinerator removes the risks of relying upon an external agency which, as we have seen during the past year can fall prey to outside forces that could delay this from happening.

It is not suitable to bury or openly burn fallen stock, disposal must follow strict guidelines which only an approved incinerator can meet. For red tractor approval, chamber temperatures must be constantly monitored and recorded ensuring they maintain the required exhaust gas temperature of 850°C for two seconds. All of which is handled automatically through the Addfield SB as standard.

Once the incineration process is complete, commonly resulting in a remainder of an average of 3% volume to load. The ash is able to be disposed of by mixing with manure and spreading on agricultural land and is covered by an exemption from the environment agency.

Having close to 40 years of experience in supporting the pig sector Addfield are consistently called upon to supply a range of machines. The most popular being the SB which can be found on farms up and down the country.

For more information on approved incineration practices visit https://addfield.com/pig-incinerators/.

To learn more about the agricultural range of incinerators from Addfield click here.

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