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Preparing For Your Pet Cremator Delivery


Preparing for your pet cremator delivery with Addfield

One of the most important stages of setting up a pet crematorium is often the delivery and positioning of the new cremator.

Preparing for your pet cremator can often be a stressful time but is always manageable, over the years we have delivered and installed to some of the most complex sites to access. Where possible a site visit is always recommended and the pre-site checklist is essential reading and can be found in the first part of the online training course that you will be given access to once your order is placed.

In most instances we will manage the delivery for you up until the point it arrives on your premises at which point the unloading and positioning of the cremator will be your responsibility but do not worry you are not alone. Our expert team are here to help and advise you.

To begin read through the following before reviewing your site to decide what is the right option for you and if you do have questions just get in touch.

Step 1 – How will your machine be delivered?

Across the UK and most of mainland Europe, pet creamors will most commonly be delivered on the back of a flatbed wagon. These can be up to 12 metres in length so access is important. If you check your site access and believe this to be a problem contact us to ensure an appropriate alternative.

Internationally when we send your machine it will be within a 20ft or 40ft container. So once again confirm that you have easy access to the site for this size wagon.

A50 IC1 ready to ship on a 40ft Wagon
A50-IC1 loaded up alongside fuel tank, chimney stack and accessories.

Step 2 – Safely unloading your machine.

Depending upon the size and model of cremator you will have two options.

PET200 – In most instances, a forklift truck that can lift over 4 tonnes would be sufficient to lift and remove this. Before confirming the FLT for the day please check the latest version of the datasheet for the most up to date weights.

Using forklift truck to position PET 200
PET 20 being moved into position by a forklift truck

A50 IC (1 – 4) – For the A50 IC range we always recommend that you use a Hi Ab which is a crane attached to the delivery vehicle. These can easily remove and place the cremator ready for positioning. We will cover these options with you during planning for delivery.

Using a Hi Ab when installing an A50 IC1 Pet Cremator
Hi Ab lifting and positioning an A50 IC 1 pet cremator

Step 3 – Positioning your pet cremator inside your building

The most important factor here is access for the machine to be positioned. The more space you have the easier it will be to install. However, we have experience in installing machines in very complicated places but this requires additional planning so it is important that you review your site and contact us accordingly.

Check the datasheet for your machines this will give you all the dimensions required to house the pet cremator and include the standard heights for the chimney. At this stage, you should already have a good understanding of where the machine will be placed.

A50-IC (1 to 4) If you are positioning this within a new building and are able to use a forklift this will always be the best option. This will also help you to potentially install the chimney elements during the same day. If the machine is being installed in a building where you are unable to use a crane then a suitable Fork Lift Truck will be able to position the machine for you as long as you have clearance.

In the rare but not unknown situations where your installation can not be finalised by FLT then you can use appropriate load-bearing skates and jack to position the machine. You will still need access to a lifting crane to position the after chamber and chimney elements to complete the installation.

It is important that as part of your pre-site checklist and planning for the delivery that you ensure you have solid foundations to the front of the building to drive the machine into position.

PET 200 In most instances the PET 200 is a lot easier to position than the A50. Once again the FLT option is the fastest however skates can also be used to position it if access is a challenge. You will not require a crane to install the chimney as standard, if you have extra extensions as part of the installation discuss the recommended heights with us.

Using skates when preparing for your pet cremator
A50 IC1 on skates ready to be moved into position.

Step 4 – Positioning Fuel Tank and Control Panel

Depending upon the fuel that you have selected for your machine you may need to install an external fuel tank. When Preparing for your pet cremator we would always recommend that this is outside the building that you are installing the cremator within. A minimum of 3 metres distance is recommended as well as either being on level or raised above the level of installation. If you require a fuel tank or fuel lines, we are able to supply these to you on installation, we recommend arranging this as part of the initial order.

It is important when considering your installation to pay particular attention to where you will be installing your control panel. You could be using this several times a day for more than 20 years so getting it right the first time is beneficial. The PET200 traditionally has the control panel attached to either the side or the rear of the machine, whilst the A50 IC range has the control panels attached on a free-standing stand positioned near to the machine. Consider the options when planning your initial site. We can arrange for the control panels to be situated on a nearby wall or other location however this may incur an additional cost so please discuss this with a representative for confirmation.

Step 5 – Other considerations when preparing for your pet cremator

Only you will truly know your site and its potential challenges. Take a good look around and see what the access and egress are like to the building, things to consider are trees, accessible roads and most importantly overhead powerlines, especially if you are going to be using a crane.

Installation of the chimney – As a rule, we do not carry out work on your building specifically regarding installing your chimneys. We always recommend that if possible you employ the services of a professional roofer or suitably skilled builder to ensure a secure installation. The roof will need to be cut and sealed according to recommendations to guarantee a smooth operation for many years into the future. They will be responsible for ensuring that appropriate fire retardant materials are used as well as securing safe access via scaffolding/ladders depending upon the final height required.

The height of the chimney should be at least 0.5metres above the highest point of your building in most instances your planning application should cover this, if not please discuss this with your sales representative.

Before delivery make sure that you review your pre-site checklist to make sure you will be ready for the day. Ensure that the fuel supply is organised and that electrics have been prepared for connection. This should ideally be connected and ready to finalise before your commissioning engineer attends the site if you are having us complete your installation. To ensure that you have the right connections in place check with your sales representative and they can go over the requirements for your machine with you.

During initial purchase, your sales representative will recommend that you purchase a spares pack at the same time as your machine. Whichever machine you select you can be confident that it will be a robust and reliable solution however as with all machinery there are parts and components that can need replacing in the same way as you would on your car. We have established a spares set which contains the most easily replaceable parts that we recommend you have accessible to reduce the potential risks of downtime. We do maintain a supply of more than 20,000 spares which can be shipped when required however if you already have the parts to hand you can be up and running in a matter of minutes rather than days.

Additionally, in the same way, that it is recommended that you have your car serviced every year or so many miles the same is true with a pet cremator. Over time parts can wear, become knocked or unclean which could impact your operation and efficiency. Having an annual service/health check with one of our experienced engineers will get your machine back into optimal performance and as well as giving you the opportunity to catch up on the best practice for running your machine from an expert.

Finally, before installation, we recommend that you speak to your insurance company and also your local fire service regarding arranging a risk assessment for your site. In many instances, we have found that this could help you to bring your premiums down following a few simple alterations such as incorporating fire extinguishers, illuminated fire exit points and external meeting points.

When is training?

With our online training platform, you will be given access to the training on how to install and operate your new pet cremator as soon as your order is processed this will not be automatically actioned so if you want to receive access notify your sales representative and give them your chosen email address to be registered on.

If you have optioned training following Addfield installing and commissioning your machine this may take place the same or following day and will last for approximately 4 hours. Training is also available from our factory in Staffordshire at various times throughout the year. To discover your full range of options for training just ask and we can discuss this with you fully. However, you will always have access to the team at Addfield for support, advice and guidance for the life of the pet cremator. Our after service is recognised worldwide for the breadth of support available.

Choosing an Addfield Pet Cremator is a big decision and one we are confident that you will be happy with for many years to come. Although the installation is a big step in getting your business up and running it is an achievable one. Our team have supported the installations of machines in over 110 countries. If you need further advice and support do not hesitate to contact our sales representative and any stage when Preparing for your pet cremator and they will make sure to help.

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