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Additional opportunities for pet crematoriums

What to Do After Pet Cremation: Honor the Memory of Your Beloved Pet

The loss of a beloved pet will sting in the heart for a long time. Every toy, photograph, bed, and even pet food will spark that deep-rooted sadness when a pet has passed away. Yet we must never forget that this is all a natural part of life. We are born, we live, and we die. Pet owners should be content with giving beloved pets all the warm love, safety, and comfort of a good and happy life.

Keeping the memory of your beloved pet alive

You will no doubt have an endless amount of fond memories of your pet. They are just as much a family member as any brother or sister with their own curious habits and personality quirks. It’s important you remember and honor their memory in the best way possible, to really capture how they were before passing away. There are plenty of respectful ways to honor and remember them.

Pet urns

What is the best way to remember your pet?

Honor your pet in a way that will stir joyful emotions in your heart. Here are the top three ways to remember your pet:

  • If you have cremated your pet, then there is a large range of high quality and tasteful urns, from bronze to bamboo and elegant statue urns to simple yet elegant heart-shaped urns. Online pet urns stores have a wide selection of these urns to help choose the appropriate way to remember your beloved pet.
  • You can remember your pet by creating a personalized photo book. These days it’s really simple to go online and create a personalized album that is special to you and your family. You can customize almost everything about this photobook, from the size, color, and even the font. It’s a cost-effective way of memorializing your beloved pet.
  • Another cost-effective way of honoring their memory is by taking a mold of their paw print. Many funeral services will offer to do this for you at their facility. However, you can get a simple kit delivered which will include non-toxic clay. All you have to do is press your pet’s paw into the clay and after a few hours, you will have a perfect mold of your beloved pet’s print.

Moving on

The sadness that fills a pet owner’s heart when their beloved passes away is unrivaled and it will take time to move past the grief. Yet it is important to remember the mutual warmth and joy you brought each other in good times and, more importantly, in bad times.

It might feel like you are simply replacing your pet but a good way to move on is to bring another into the family. Not only are you filling a void left by the devastating loss of your previous companion, but you are giving another dog, cat, or any other animal a second chance to live a happy and loved existence – just like your beloved pet.

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