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Waste heat recovery boilers for the electricity generation

Versatile Hot Water and Steam Generation

Addfields heat recovery range of highly compact hot water boilers have been developed to work in synergy with our thermal treatment facilities and fully meet all demands for delivering the highest operational efficiencies whilst adhering to the most demanding environmental compliance guidelines.

Our waste to energy solutions are generally recommended for larger high capacity facilities. Addfields ‘Small Scale Heat Recovery’ systems have been developed to bridge the gap between efficiency and affordability and providing clean and sustainable energy as a direct by-product of the incineration process.

Applications include:

  • Heating networks
  • Humidity generation
  • Electrical power (large scale machine only)
  • Steam sterilisation
  • Food processing plants

Achieving industry-leading levels of efficiency based upon utilising a full wet back design. These solutions are built to EN14394 standards for medium and high-temperature applications specifically for the implementation of low-temperature hot water installations.

Providing a comprehensive number of outputs which can provide a valuable return on investment and a solution when installed in a commercial/industrial facility looking for a greener waste disposal solution.

Boilers are built to the outputs of the combustion process with single, double, triple pass boilers available. The boiler meets the MCPD (medium combustion plant directive) as well as the current European environmental legislation.

Models are available for implementing as part of high and low-temperature applications. The boiler is designed to meet the current UK building regulations with a gross seasonal efficiency of over 86% and complies with the requirements of the Factories Act (1961) and with HSE and UK Inspection Authority requirements. In addition, the Boiler is CE Marked to meet the requirements of the Pressure Equipment; Low Voltage; Electro-Magnetic Compliance; and Machinery Safety Directives.

We ensure that our waste to energy facilities are the right match to your facility, usage, and waste needs therefore we design the solution to your exact needs. The amount of energy generated is able to be controlled. Excess heat would be diverted to a condenser or air blast cooler via control valves can be supplied where required as can hot wells and condensers.

The steam is usually generated at temperatures in excess of 100°C. Saturated steam can be used as the heating source of fluid heat exchangers, reboilers, combustion air preheaters plus several other kinds of heat transfer equipment.

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