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Generate low cost energy from incineration

Large thermal treatment plants can benefit from the option to transform the waste heat generated into low cost electricity through the use of Steam Expanders.

This option is typically installed on incineration plants that are capable of processing 1000kg/hr and higher where the investment cost provides a better return.

Steam to Clean Energy  

Steam to drive the process is initially generated through the waste heat recovery boiler. Waste heat recovery boilers are often included as standard in large waste-to-energy processes. With power generation steam generated is directed in its raw form towards the steam expander.  The benefit of our supplied steam turbines is the ability to utilise wet steam through the incorporation of rotors which will not degenerate over time.

Steam passes through the steam expander and the turbines which rotates a generating shaft creating a strong and consistent rotational force. The final outcome of this rotational force is the creation of clean electricity.

This electricity can then be used onsite to power the facility offsetting the reliance and cost of using the national energy infrastructures. In almost all instances the return of investment is greatest where electricity consumption offset for the site, rather than a grid export model. The levels of electricity will vary depending upon the final operational process, the machine throughput (kg/hr) as well as the calorific value of the waste.  You can expect to achieve energy generation rates of between 80kw to 400kw per hour.

This system utilises patented technology to create such high levels of energy and is recognised across the industry as being one of the most efficient practices on the market for generating electricity from thermally treating waste. Having an installation of this kind operating optimally you would be able to expect a full return on your investment in between 18-36 months depending upon how you utilised the energy generated.

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