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When you think about the beautiful Island of Sark nestled in between Jersey and Guernsey the last thing that will probably come into your mind is pollution.  Being the smallest of the Channel Islands with a permanent population of approximately 600 and an active tourist industry may not be the first place you think of when you think about Incineration.  But with the BBC show, The Blue Planet highlighting the dangers caused to our ocean caused by plastic waste, every step that can be taken to prevent waste ending up in the sea is one taken in the right direction.

This is especially the case for remote locations. You still need a safe and sustainable way to manage the waste that is created on a daily basis.  Where a landfill site is not possible taking up valuable space and impacting the local environment the only previous safe alternative is to ship their waste to neighbouring islands.

This is where the real value of localised incineration comes in being able to manage the island waste on-site reduces any environmental impact created from unnecessary transportation, reduces the risk of dumping in the sea and gives full control for the islanders in destroying their waste.

The machine for Sark Island has been optimised to be able to manage a greater range of traditional waste through increasing the burn rate in the secondary chamber.  The result is the same clean destruction of waste being able to adapt to demands able to increase and decrease its usage following busy seasons.  This gives the islanders an easy way to keep waste to a minimum and the surrounding seas clean. With the only by-product from incineration being sterilised ash and warm air, keeping the sea life safe from plastic and other waste.

At Addfield we have been designing and manufacturing our machines specifically to be the safest option for you and the environment for over 35 years.  This has given us the expertise and knowledge to be able to optimise all equipment to match all requirements exactly.

No matter how big or small our installations we know that they consistently improve the local environment they are placed in helping to reduce the impact of waste.

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