medical waste overview

Why you should use an incinerator for medical waste


Why should we continue to use incineration for medical waste?

Contrary to popular belief, only about 10% of all general medical waste is incinerated. Incineration is the only approved disposal method for yellow bag waste under UN law. This includes all infectious waste, such as chemically contaminated samples, infectious waste contaminated with medicines or chemicals and laboratory specimens. This is because it is the safest and most effective way of reducing the infectivity of the waste to prevent any further harm. Alternative disposal methods are incapable of fully destroying contaminated waste from pharmaceuticals and specific pathological waste.

The regulation of incinerating medical waste is becoming very strict, with clear guidelines set out for those involved in the process. Anyone handling this waste must be registered and final air emission standards are closely monitored.

The need for incineration is due to the advanced medical system and it is a rapidly expanding disposal method in developing countries. The Stockholm convention dictates that it is obligatory for countries to use the best waste disposal method available to them whilst promoting the best available methods to others.

It is often found that incinerators in developing countries are not to the same standard as those in developed countries which results in high emissions and contaminated waste water. Addfield are one of the few manufacturers that can confidently say our high standard is continued throughout our product lines to ensure that ALL customers receive the very best incinerators on the market.

Addfield have recently had an order for 6 MP-100s and 3 MP-200s with scrubber systems that are going to a developing country to help control their general medical waste. The very poor waste management systems in these countries mean that people are directly having contact with the infectious waste through rag picking, animals are eating from these sites which affect their by-products and the emissions from the waste cause everyone in the surrounding areas to breathe in harmful fumes. More information about this can be found here:  A clean living environment with access to acceptable food and healthcare should be a basic human right, so we at Addfield are ensuring we can be part of this process where possible.

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