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Is Farming Salmon Bad for the Environment?

Addfield has the solution!


Is Farming Salmon Bad for the Environment?

A huge question of today, in the fish farming industry, is whether farming salmon is having a negative impact on the environment and if so, what can be the solution?

What are lice?

A parasite, which lives by attaching itself to a fish and eating its blood and skin

Salmon farming at a cost?

Lice in salmon farming are costing the industry in excess of £1 billion globally with £300 million spent within Scotland alone on chemicals. With the lice becoming more immune to the chemicals we are pouring into the lochs and seas. A report into the lochs in Scotland has shown an increase in levels breaching the environmental limits resulting in toxic waters.

What is the answer? Move the farming to colder deeper waters and manage the waste at source. The Addfield Thunder incinerator is a compactly designed incinerator designed for the harsh environmental climates the seas have to offer, with throwing the problem of waste back into the sea you are raising the risk for more bio security issues. Manage the waste with the trusted Addfield Thunder incinerator, specifically designed for the aquaculture industry.

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