Japanese Knotweed Image

Invaded by Japanese Knotweed

Wolverhampton, UK

Japanese Knotweed has been described by the Environment Agency as “indisputably the UK’s most aggressive, disruptive and invasive plant”.

Client Overview

Carillion is a leading British facilities management and construction services company. Their slogan is “making tomorrow a better place” which they plan to achieve through making a positive difference and doing things sustainable. Carillion is one of the most successful companies in the midlands due to their respected name and diverse portfolio.

An Incinerator is Needed

The invasive species is so destructive it can prevent home owners from getting a mortgage for, or selling, a home because it can cause property destruction. One of the principal and most effective chemicals used to fight Japanese Knotweed is soon to be banned by the EA due to its high toxicity so incineration is now the main alternative. Carillion needed to eradicate Japanese Knotweed from the railway network in Britain. This would be in close proximity to residential areas so a friendly alternative to chemicals was necessary.

Addfield TB Incinerator - Japenese Knotweed

The importance of incineration

Incineration is the best, if not only, solution to eradicating Japanese Knotweed.

Spraying Japanese Knotweed with a harmful chemical has often been the chosen method of destroying the plant. However, it has come to light that this is highly toxic and dangerous for the environment so a ban is in place. Respraying needed to take place over 3 years to ensure that the invasive plant was finally destroyed whereas incineration is almost instant.

Advantages of Using Addfield Incinerators

With over 25 years of experience, Addfield has become experts in the field of incineration.
Addfield is able to supply robust machines that can endure transportation, high usage and can perform perfectly under time restraints.

Which Incinerator?

Addfield supplied a TB with excess air systems. The ‘excess air system’ provides additional combustion air to improve the burn quality by ensuring the perfect air to fuel ratio, as known as the stoichiometric point. This system is specifically useful when dealing with waste of an unusually low or high calorific nature.

Addfield TB Incinerator - Japanese Knotweed

Fitting into the Plan

For ease of transport, the incinerator was mounted to a train when going from one site to another. Considering the size of the operation – a robust, reliable and efficient machine was a necessity. Due to the success of the project and the incinerator machine, there are future plans to expand the fleet.
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