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Business as usual after Brexit

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Business as usual after Brexit

Do not worry about Brexit. It’s still business as usual for Addfield

As Brexit is now just a matter of hours away some people may be a little concerned as to what is going to happen at Addfield for our European friends and customers.

Since the official vote in June 2016 the shadow of Brexit has loomed large over not only our business but many of our customers, as well as the levels of uncertainty, continued to hover.

Throughout the past two years, our teams have been working hard to prepare themselves and the business to ensure that any transition is handled smoothly and will not impact any of our customers existing and new.

Even though we are officially leaving the EU at 11pm on Friday the 31st January there are still many elements still to be ironed out between the UK and the EU that will impact trade.  These will not come into play for at least the next year giving us all more than enough time to keep us all working well.

We are extremely proud of the impact that our machines have had across Europe and want to ensure everyone that as far as we are concerned we are still going to be working just as closely with our friends, distributors and customers located across all of the 27 remaining countries of the EU.

Our expert logistics team are fully prepared for any additional challenges that may lay in the way of delivering your machines and our services engineers are still ready to come to you to commission and maintain your machines. Not to mention our numerous distributors covering the rest of Europe.

Europe will still be an important region for us and the continued growth of Addfield as we have some tremendous projects in the pipeline and production at the moment.

As we always say our doors are always open and our teams ready to help. If you have any questions about Addfield post Brexit do not hesitate to ask.

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