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The A50L Agricultural Incinerator for the Poultry Industry

Today we are looking at the A50L agricultural incinerator machine. This machine is predominately used for disposing of poultry waste on broiler sites of around 400,000 birds and above it is also used for the disposal of hatchery waste, and also potentially other animal by-products waste as well.

The machine is made up of two main sections. The primary chamber, which is the lower section and above that a secondary after chamber. The primary chamber is where the waste is loaded into and the secondary chamber is what cleans the gasses to ensure the machine is compliant to the relevant EU legislation.

This machine can be equipped with various loading systems:

  • The first would be manually, loaded via the front-loading door.
  • A tipper system via a chute on the top so you can load with a bin tipper system
  • Hydraulic ram systems to further aid automation and to minimise manual handling of the waste.

The control panel in the front controls all of the major functions of the unit. On a day to day basis, the operator would typically load the waste. On this example machine through the top-loading chute, there is a function to open and close the hatch doors for safe loading. The entire incineration cycle is initiated from this control panel.

The operation is based on a timer system from the start to when the waste is finished and rendered to sterile ash.

Other features include a full HMI colour touch screen interface, data logging, integrated support mode, and various access rites to different features of the control system. Ash is removed from the lower chamber. And internally refractory is constructed and lined with a high thermal efficiency multi-layered brick refractory.

If you would like further information on this machine or any other solutions please contact sales@addfield.co.uk

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