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Effective Management of Waste Wood


Disposal Solutions For Wood Waste

As the leading manufacturer of incineration equipment, there are not many scenarios that we haven’t come across, from average farms to disposal solutions for wood waste.

Waste wood is an issue that occurs across multiple industries. Many of the Addfield incinerators can be used for the effective disposal of waste wood. These machines enable the burning of wood in a controlled manner, during which virtually no visible smoke is generated from the process. This enables the machine to be used on a wider range of sites due to its low environmental impact.

Landfill costs for wood waste are typically 3-4 times that compared to disposal using thermal treatment. For a large site that have hot water or steam requirements on an industrial level, the process can generate an additional revenue stream for the operator.

Before and after images with wood waste in an incinerator:

Waste Wood In Addfield Incinerator Waste Wood After Incineration-Process In Addfield Incinerator

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