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Waste to Energy System

Addfield are proud to announce that we have recently collaborated with an energy recovery company and one of the UK’s largest landscaping and recycling companies to create a market-leading waste-to-energy system. Not everything can be recycled so instead of being sent to a landfill it is incinerated and used to create electricity and hot water.

This creates a number of benefits such as:

  •         Revenue generated from selling energy back to the grid
  •         Reduction in waste disposal gate fees
  •         Offsets the government climate change levy
  •         Government incentives – ROC’s and RHI

The payback for a yearly waste disposal of 350 tonnes can be between 2-3 years; this is a fantastic payback as many Addfield incinerators are still in operation over 20 years.

Many areas of the world have an issue in managing waste, stabilising electrical energy, with using our waste to energy system you could potentially power a small village.

The energy recovery system has a record of 85% efficient exhaust gas recirculation technology. This assures optimum efficiency, prevents ash build up and only takes 5 litres of fuel to operate a two stage burn. A ‘blasting’ cycle of superheated steam also limits any corrosion.

Addfield have previously used our TBAB with this system because it is the largest low capacity machine on the market with a chamber size of 4.18m3. This includes the Addfield standard Computational Fluid System (to ensure complete combustion) along with excess air and rapid cooling systems (aiding a cleaner burn and a quicker cooldown).

If you would like any further information about this new technology then please call one of our friendly experts on +44 (0)1543 571280.

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