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Discover the Rapid 1000

High Capacity Agricultural incinerator


Discover the Rapid 1000 High Capacity Agricultural Incinerator

Having over 35 years of experience manufacturing the most efficient and hard working incinerators in the world it is safe to say that we know what makes the right machine for you. Our Agricultural range has solutions for every farm size from our compact Mini-AB all the way up to our High Capacity range including the mammoth Rapid 1000.

The Rapid 1000 is one of the largest standard incinerators available from Addfield. Ideally suited for the large-scale safe destruction of agricultural, poultry, sheep, swine and cattle. Processing up to 1000kg of waste an hour through its 5.3 cubic metre chamber capable of holding up to three and a half tonnes of waste.

The Rapid benefits from the same high-quality design and manufacture as all Addfield machines. Beginning with design where the entire system is developed from the ground up utilising computational fluid dynamics alongside advanced engineering techniques to design a machine that will be as robust as it will be efficient.

Constructed from 10mm thick mild steel providing insulation and strength with impact resistant ‘loading bars’ designed to withstand impact from fork lift trucks. Fitted with protective shielding across high usage areas including ram arms protecting the operational hydraulics. Having additional high visibility loading bars providing a safe zone for fork lift operation, directing the waste to be loaded into the optimal position. Keeping the transition flue clear preventing waste from creating a blockage and preventing the system entering reduction by ensuring a consistent flow of oxygen.

The hydraulically powered lid is compatible with your choice of manual or automatic loading systems. The angled designed ensures that loading is handled so that waste does not fall out, with a higher back and sloping front increasing capacity effectively.

Operated via a pre-configured control panel, you only need to select the required program and the Rapid will automatically manage the process safely. You also have the option of adapting and changing settings manually in the future as required.

Once in operation the main chamber is heated by 7 burners, 5 located beneath the floor grate and a further 2 above in a pattern proven to deliver exceptional results. The 5 underfloor burners are assisted by the addition of a large fan rapidly circulating the oxygen throughout the machine. The grated underfloor combustion rapidly heats the air from the base converting it into powerful radiant heat quickly filling the combustion chamber with an even level of heat. This heat is then re-circulated through underfloor tubing inserting the warm air back into the radiant bricks as well as further directing the heat over and under waste maximising the efficiency of the heat energy.

Combined with the advanced multi layered brick based refractory system the rapid delivers a faster and more efficient operation saving up to 40% on your running costs when compared to concrete lined systems. The dense ribbed chamber floor has been developed to allow easy heat distribution whilst aiding ash collection through directing it to the 5 core drop zones.

You are able to monitor the incineration process throughout the cycle through the integration of multiple viewing ports located on the secondary and main chamber as well the deashing doors. Deashing can then be carried out through the 5 chamber doors, built along a plug design to maintain an airtight seal and aiding insulation. This option can be manual or semi-automatic with a screw feed system to remove the ash from the deposit zones.

Fans circulate the heat throughout the main chamber and then into the secondary chamber where the waste gasses are heated to a minimum of 850 degrees for animals and 1100 degrees centigrade for medical eliminating smoke and odours releasing cleaned gas back into the environment.

The Rapid uses layered limit switches fitted to all doors separating the burners, maintaining a constant movement of heat throughout the process as the multi levelled burners will only be switched off during loading and deashing, reducing downtime and maintaining high levels of safe operation.

Keeping the incinerator at optimal temperature by only limiting burners associated to which level of door is opened. For example keeping the top burners on during de-ashing. Able to be operated as a rapid response machine in reaction to any biosecurity emergencies, the Rapid 1000 is available in two versions. The static permanent installation which is available in a range of Diesel, LPG and other fuel types. And a mobile diesel only version.

Complete with many advanced safety features as standard including an emergency bypass configured to open at the same time as the door to direct energy up the stack allowing the chamber to maintain heat energy. In case of a power cut the emergency bypass will automatically open the hatch to release the gasses.

Optional extras are also available such as an Air conditioning unit which will be attached to the control panel to protect electronics in high temperatures.

The Rapid 1000 is a truly impressive machine designed to help you manage your waste safely, completely and economically.

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