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What medical incinerator is best?

Compare the MP range with the C range.


What medical incinerator is best?

At Addfield we are recognised around the world for our expertise and quality in providing reliable solutions for disposing of hazardous medical waste safely. We work side by side with International Aid Agencies, Government bodies and even the NHS in England. Providing a range of machines purpose-built solutions exactly based around the needs of our customer and the types of waste being treated.

All of our medical machines are more than fit for purpose however for some types of waste an MP machine is your best choice and for others, it would be one from our C range. To help you understand some of the key differences and discover what type of medical incinerator is your best option our Operations Director Derek Carr has helped us to put this a little clearer for you.

The C Range of Incinerators.

To begin with the C100 we currently have two machines in the C range the C100 and the C200. In this instance, the ‘100’ and ‘200’ refers to the burn rate of the machine. This means that the C100 will be able to manage up to 100 kilograms an hour.

Medical incinerator being set up

One of the first things that you will notice about the C range is that that they are much larger when placed beside an MP machine. This is partly because the C machines are specifically designed for high volumes of plastic. As it has a bigger chamber, this allows for lower density, higher energy waste to be put into the chamber. Because this is higher energy waste, we do not need so much energy from underneath the floor, as it is already a fuel. At the front, we have a large opening door. As standard, this will be a manual loading and deashing machine. However, there are other variants available where you can incorporate bin tippers and ram loaders that can be added to the system for advanced automatic operation.

You will find four burners on the C range each is controllable from the control panel and you will find two down each side of the chamber directing the heat right into the heart of the waste.

Because the C range is designed for more general medical waste which may contain high levels of plastic it needs to have a much larger loading chamber the C100 has a volume of 3 cubic metres and the C200 has a chamber which is 4.3 metres cubed which is extremely spacious inside. The reason that the C machines are rounded is that this helps to eliminate any cold spots inside as there are no corners and this encourages a very active circulation of energy inside the chamber. Being front-loading this also prevents overloading to ensure you are able to achieve optimal results from every operation, this also makes the machine very ergonomic to operate.

The MP Range of Incinerators.

The MP (Medical/Pathological) range for machines is available in MP100, MP200, MP300, MP400 and MP500. The MP range has been designed differently to the C range to operate with a Hot Hearth which delivers underfloor heating, this is because this is for higher moisture pathological waste, it has three burners and also three chambers. Where the C machines have one primary chamber and one secondary/after chamber the MP also has a third underfloor Hot Hearth chamber that pushes the heat up which is ideal for pathological waste.

medical incinerator in Mauritania

Across the MP range, the numeral relates to the amount of waste that can be treated in a day. You will find that it starts with the MP100 having a chamber volume of 0.4 meters cubed and then you can go up to an mp500 that would be 1.13 meter cubed chamber so you’ll find the sizes don’t change too dramatically as they do on the C range.

The MP also has a front opening door and loading and it can also have the options of having automatic loaders but this only becomes applicable when it’s the MP500. The range is designed to be a perfect solution for a smaller hospital or a clinic where you can open the door, and insert your waste inside the chamber and it will carry on with its cycle uninterrupted. The MP come in more of a rectangular box format. This makes it incredibly easy to install and commission. By the time it gets to your client, you just add your chimney on top making on-site installation far simpler. Where with the C100 because it is a much larger machine it is delivered in components, which you have to connect on-site, adding the after chamber and then the chimney stacks. As there is a greater amount of concrete on the C range there will be a drying out schedule, whereas with the MP because it’s mainly brick getting it installed and operational can be completed much quicker typically within one to two days.

The MP machines similar to the C have viewing ports on the front loading doors allowing you to see what’s happening inside the chamber during the process.

All of the Addfield machines have a touchscreen operation and they have data logging as standard so this allows you to look at the performance of the machine and how it’s reacting with the type of waste that’s inside to make sure that it is burning successfully.

What type of medical incinerator is right for me?

The key things to remember is the C100 is designed more for plastic waste which is low density and high energy. It has a large chamber inside whereas the MP machine is designed for more low energy high moisture pathological waste so it has got a smaller chamber where there is heat-driven underneath the floor and above. The C100 has air distributed throughout because it is more high energy waste, it doesn’t need to have a cooling effect. This encourages a faster burn. Both of the machines can have additional filtration systems which include Venturi scrubber systems if you do have any further questions or you would like to come to the factory and view the machines yourself just contact us on +44 01543 571280 or email

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