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The problem of marijuana disposal has completed an incredible journey in recent years.  Transformed from an almost globally criminalised substance to achieving legal status in a growing number of countries worldwide with more joining the list constantly.  Now a formally regulated substance for medical and recreational usage. Alongside the resulting transformation of the industry reaching almost industrial levels has brought a new unforeseen problem to the forefront, safe and secure disposal of the waste created through the cultivation and distribution of cannabis and it’s associated products.   As the leader in the Incineration industry, we have recently seen n increase in the demand for reliable and economical solutions.

The legal industry has been recently estimated to be worth more than £125 billion in 2019 growing to more than £200 billion in the next ten years.

Having such a radical increase in production we are witnessing a dramatic increase in the management of Marijuana waste created.

Due to the nature of this waste, it is essential that it is disposed of securely.

Following decriminalisation, mass farming and the increase of investment in research for the medical benefits of marijuana, companies are left with surplus amounts of cannabis requiring safe disposal without impacting the greater environment.

Incineration of Cannabis Waste

At Addfield we have been supplying incinerators to farmers, governments, health organisations and border patrols for more than 35 years. Our machines are designed to dispose of all waste cleanly. Our narcotics solutions have been specifically optimised for the unique requirements necessary for safely disposing of such waste types. And have been installed successfully across more than 95 countries. We are trusted to deliver solutions that really work.

Building upon over 35 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing agricultural waste management solutions for the farming industry. Our machines are constructed to be more robust than most other incinerators that are available. Boasting a unique multi-layered refractory ensuring that the costs of operation is reduced by as much as 40% compared to other manufacturers.

Our machines are so thermally efficient and economical to run you could achieve a full return on your investment in as little as one year when compared to your current disposal costs.

Collection of medical marijuana and cannabis products for disposal
Medicinal Cannabis waste can take multiple forms requiring secure disposal.

Globally legislation towards marijuana disposal differs greatly from country to country and even region to region, however, most regulations require that disposal of cannabis must comply with local laws and regulations and often ensure that the marijuana items be left in a condition that renders it ‘undesirable, unrecognizable and unfit for human or animal use’.

Incineration is recognised as an acceptable form of destruction for:

  • Marijuana Plants,
  • Marijuana Concentrate,
  • Marijuana liquid concentrates,
  • Marijuana tinctures,
  • Marijuana suppositories.
  • Marijuana Solid concentrates
  • Cannabis-infused edibles
  • Marijuana transdermal patches.

In some instances, Liquid and Solid Extract may be classed as a hazardous waste.

Why incinerate Cannabis Waste?

Large scale Cannabis farm
Largescale Marijuana production requires secure disposal of waste to protect the environment.

While not all of the waste from cannabis cultivation requires secure disposal the byproducts may still contain active and regulated substances such as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the chemical that causes the medicinal and psychoactive effects.  If this chemical is not properly disposed of it can cause massive dangers to the local environment.  Due to the often unknown nature of the levels of THC and other compounds discarded waste can poison local wildlife and damage the ecology of the region.

In many instances, this should be considered and treated in the same manner as pharmaceutical waste disposal.

Depending upon the size and scale of your operation you may have several options to dispose of waste.

Small operations are often able to personally transfer the waste to a local facility and pay a fee for disposal.

Larger organisations will often employ a waste collection agency to collect and dispose of.

You do also have a third solution, managing your waste directly.

Addfield produces a selection of machines at capacities ranging from 25kg up to 1000kg suitable for managing the smallest quantities of waste produced from laboratories and small dispensaries through to comfortably managing large cannabis farming operations and narcotics disposal.

All our machines have been expertly developed for the agricultural and medical industries to provide highly efficient and environmentally beneficial solutions which are perfect matches for the individual needs of this new burgeoning industry.

Returning clean gasses back into the environment.

Incineration through an Addfield machine will ensure a complete destruction of all marijuana waste in accordance with the strictest of regulations.

Our secondary chamber and minimum 2 second retention time ensure that all smoke and odour is removed from the incineration alongside removing any hazardous or narcotic effects of burning marijuana is neutralised protecting operatives and the local environment.

If you require more advanced filtration systems to be in place we provide a range of advanced flue gas scrubbers such as our Venturi Systems which has been commonly used across the middle east for narcotics disposal.

We understand that every installation is unique and are able to design and manufacture the most suitable solution for you, for more information of disposing of cannabis and narcotic waste contact a member of our sales team today.



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