Pets and Pet Cremators

Why pet cremation is a great choice

for your next business venture


Why choose pet cremation?

What should you look at Pet Cremation as your next business adventure?

Unscrupulous pet crematories are always well highlighted in the news but it is important to remember that they are few and far between. There are ways of ensuring that the company you have chosen will care for your pet as much as you do. One way is to arrange a scheduled time for the cremation, ask to see inside the machine to ensure that it is clean and plan to stand somewhere where you can feel part of the process without having to actually see it.

We make arrangements for our own funerals so it is important that we do the same for our beloved pets. Cremation is a cheaper option than burial (medium dogs are usually around £150-£200) however it is important to note that price is dependent on the size of the animal and how far the company travels to collect it. If a company is particularly cheap then the reason for this should be questioned. Leaving your vet to organise the cremation of your pet may be a more convenient and less upsetting option for you to choose plus it usually only takes two weeks for the process to be complete. If you choose this option then it is vital that you let them know if you want an individual cremation so that they can be coded as white (individual) or green (communal). A label is allocated to your pet throughout the whole system and each stage is recorded in a diary to ensure peace of mind.

Considering that human cremation implies one body at a time, this is also to be expected for your pets. Being aware of the differences between cremation types is vital. The following list shows what the standard options usually are:

  • Individual cremation – the only way to guarantee that the ashes are not contaminated – all belongings should be returned to the owner
  • Communal cremation – several pets  are cremated together and buried or scattered in a licensed garden
  • Mass cremation – mass incineration at a waste disposal site

The advantage of choosing cremation is being able to bring your pet home to rest. They can be kept indoors in a decorative container or scattered in their favourite place.

We pride ourselves for having a premium quality and service status that has been developed throughout over 25 years of experience and employed industry experts. Our customers have the choice of a:

  • single chamber PetCrem 200 or the double chamber SB-AB for pet cremation
  • large TB or larger TB-AB for horse cremation
  • de-ashing tools such as an ash rake and box
  • Cremulator to pulverize the bones into ash (we’re the only manufacturers in the UK making Cremulators!)

Contact us on 01543 571280 or for a stress free quotation.

To learn more about what it’s really like running one of the UK’s busiest Pet Crematoriums watch our interview by clicking here.

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