Addfield branded jumper with fabrication work
Incineration Machines Manufactured in Great Britain

Exceptional Build Quality.

Our Incinerators are crafted on-site in Britian.

Knowledge Base

At Addfield we have a team of experts on hand ready to answer your questions, no matter how trivial or complex.

Our educational programs operate a number of training seminars focused on combustion theory and incineration on site at our fully equipped manufacturing facility free of charge. Further onsite training and commissioning of machines can be organised anywhere in the world.

Product Specification Sheets

Addfield is the only UK manufacturer that makes 100% of its machines in house and does not rely on contracting services out.

  • Conception Britannique
    Produit Britannique
  • Leaders mondiaux en
    technologie d'incinération
  • Qualité de fabrication inégalée
    & longévité de la machine
  • Distribué dans plus
    de 100 pays.
  • Écologiquement