Building a refractory chamber

steve lloyd CEO addfield

Steve Lloyd

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Lloyd is the Chief Executive Officer of Addfield, with over 30 years’ experience in the thermal and waste related industries. As a skilled refractory mason himself, Steve understands the need to set the quality standards high throughout the business. He has always maintained that customers will always buy a higher quality competitively priced product that will give them a realistic return on their capital investment.

Steve Lloyd took over the Addfield brand back in 2006. Years of investing wisely in product and team development have set the foundations for Addfield to be world leaders in the incineration and cremation sectors. The key message that is driven into his team is ‘We are Addfield and we simply build them better’ less than perfection is never an option for Addfield.

A word from Steve

“Prior to the acquisition of Addfield, my other business supplied the refractory materials for the Addfield afterburners to the previous owner Richard Sherratt. I had always admired the robust build quality of the Addfield machinery. Whilst exploring the market I could see that all the other manufacturers made very much the same thermally in-efficient design machines. Addfield already had a favourable reputation of manufacturing reliable and robust incinerators dating back to the mid 1980’s.

These high-quality build principles have been the cornerstone on what has enabled us to further develop the existing range to what it is today, whilst also highlighting gaps in the market. Utilising experienced craftsman’s skills and enhanced computational fluid dynamics software packages, allows us to design machines that assure our customers will always receive the best machine on the market today. Addfield will always push the boundaries of design, quality, innovation and sustainability to ensure our customers receive only the best equipment they deserve, here at Addfield we will always Simply Build Them Better”.

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