Red Bag Waste - Incineration

Sustainability and continued support, 3 years after the Ebola outbreak.


Sustainability & Continued Support

Addfield offers sustainability & continued support to our international clients 3 years after the Ebola outbreak.

Addfield are proud to manufacture 100% of our machines in the United Kingdom and deliver to 80 countries around the world. But how can we service all these machines? Designing and manufacturing incinerators are only a part of the story, we pride ourselves on offering on-site support and building relations with customers years after they purchase a machine. We invest time into the operators and train people on the ground to ensure they can operate and maintain the addfield incinerators. Over the years we have a invested our time in trusted partners who are approved engineers of Addfield that can offer onsite support to our valued customers.

‘Trust Addfield’ to support you, years after you have purchased the market leading incinerators. Built today, designed to last.

Addfield International Sales Team - On-site Machine Training TOGO Mission September 16 044 (1)

  • British Designed.
    British Built.
  • World leaders in
    incineration technology.
  • Unrivalled build quality
    & machine longevity.
  • Distributed to more
    than 95 countries.
  • Environmentally
  • Trusted partner with
    35 years experience.