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Addfield MP-500L Pathological Waste Incinerator.

The MP-500L is an extra large verions of the MP500 medical waste incinerator.

Equipped with a total of four burners, this highly powerful machine is ideal for large quantities of waste with a load chamber size of 2.3m³.

Hot Hearth technology is a system that effectively incinerates waste from above and below simultaneously this allows the machine to cleanly and effectively dispose of a wide variety of waste, it is specifically competent when dealing with Category 2, 3 and 4 types or those less than <3000Kcal and red bag waste.

This is an area where conventional medical incinerators struggle with the complete combustion cycle due to the low energy value of the waste.

This low energy waste typically includes red bag waste, blood, human organs, tissues, swabs.

This 500kg incinerator ideally suited to servicing the needs of a hospital with approximately 625-1000 occupied beds per day, please contact us for further detail of waste generation rates or see our Medical Waste Incineration FAQs.

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Read our case study in how the MP-500 has been utilised as part of a wider medical waste management plan.

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